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Action Fort playset- anyone have one?? Lock Rss

Hi guys! I'm looking at this swingset for the kids for Christmas- the price looks to good to be true lol

It has two horrible reviews and one great one so wondering if you trusted huggies ladies have had any experience with this brand?

unique1 wrote:
lol I have been looking for something simular I have seen one in bunnings catalogue which I will be looking at on monday in person as the pic doesn't seem to show much it is like the one you have here but wooden

Oh I've seen those ones- they look nice, think they're expensive though. Let me know how you go smile

Ps. Loved your pics today smile

Oh that's not too bad! I found a Hills one for $289 with a slide you can buy to attach to it $120. That's sounds good cos I think hills is a good brand. Ah it's a hard choice- wish I could find one where it allowed more than 34kgs on the swing so I could go on!!!

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