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Carpet Shampooer Rss

Hi everyone,

I am looking at getting a carpet shampooer but i was wondering if anyone on huggies has brought one and wondering what you think of it.

Godfreys have Bissell & Vac carpet shampoos, but stil unsure what to get.

I am currently renting and have a few stain from the previous people and also having a 3 year old the carpets have a few stains on it. IF you could give some feedback about if it did actually get the stains out and how damp it left the carpets? etc

Thankyou in advance for your help

You had stains from previous tenants? Shouldnt the real estate agent have cleaned the carpets before you moved in?

I wouldnt have a clue about carpet cleaners.

I have another option, if you dont want to buy one you can hire them at safeway. (or you used to anyway)

Ive seen that ad for Godfreys aswell!

Good luck with your choice!
We have just borrowed my parent's bissell carpet shampooer that they bought from Godfreys. It got all of the milk and dirt stains out of the carpet but not the jelly stains. It's very time consuming because the tank is quite small so we were forever changing the water. It did a pretty good job and the carpets only took half a day to dry. They were just damp not sodden. Think it does a similar job to rug doctors.
We have a Bissell Cat & dog I think it is! It's in the garage somewhere! I think it was around $330. We only bought a fairly cheap one as we were looking at buying a house and if it didn't already have floorboards we would be putting them in, so wouldn't use it much longer.

There are cheaper ones that don't have a rotating brush but I recommend getting one with a rotating brush!

It works reasonably well. Gets most stains and grime out! You do use a spotter stain remover prior to cleaning the carpets and there are numerous brands available so some may work better than others.

Some stains remained but were faded. We mainly wanted it to remove the grime where the kids ate most of the time! Which it worked well for!

On a fine day it would be mostly dry after five hours or so but to be totally dry maybe overnight. Obviously faster in the middle of summer!
It does take a while as I would drag it back very slowoy to get as much water out as possible!

As I said, this was only a fairly cheap one. There are much dearer ones around which probably do a much better job!

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