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Best baby sleeping bags. Rss

Just after people's advice on tog rated sleeping bags. Most of my friends have chosen & love the bubbaroo but Im wondering what people think of the others? Our 1st child was an extremely hot sleeper so we only needed a sleeping bag as a sleep association & to keep him from getting his legs caught in the cot ( this did have one hot summer day & it was a little scary Altho funny to think about now). For this reason we just bought the cheap ones from best & less/myer etc that are very thin. I just couldn't justify spending nearly $100 on a sleeping bag for him when it was just for a sleep association & to save a leg getting stuck. Of course our new little man is not hot blooded & will need a decent sleeping bag in a month or so when he is no longer wrapped but after spending so little per sleeping bag for our 1st I really want to be sure we get our money's worth out of whatever we buy.

The bubbaroo certainly has a good rap & is very long which is great for our tall boys. It also means we may only need to buy the one size - 6-18 months which has got one of my friends tall boys through till he was 2 and going to a bed. I'm only planning on buying the decent ones in the winter weight & then we'll use the ones we already have which are 1-1.5 tog the rest if the year. We also plan to have 1 more bub so will use it with them providing we don't have another hot blooded bub. Reviews on any other decent 2.5 tog rated bags would be fantastic & suggestions on where might have decent sales for us to grab any type of bag. Bubbaro 2nd hand is proving impossible to find.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Hi. I used the Woombie on my daughter in the early days. She now wears a Dream Bag and they are excellent and fantastic value for money too. I have 2 of each Tog. Just about to buy more in the 18 - 36 months size. They have so many lovely designs too.
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