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[quote post="3075328" name="gypsy kylz"][b]gypsy kylz wrote[/b]:
i think there was a topic similar to this a little while ago but i couldnt find sorry if i repeat.

ive used huggies nappies for most of my time as a mum, have tried a few other brands and re-usable etc..but just couldnt beat huggies.
until now.. i bought a new box yesterday of boys toddler size nappies, when i got one out i said to DH 'is it just me or do these feel thin to you?' normally they feel a bit thicker..meh all good prob just me being silly...put one on DS the same as always, for the night. he has 2 nappies leak over night...seriously that hasn't happened EVER, even with the other brands. today i went through 6 nappies with him its normally 4, both the 2 'extras' were due to leakage.

Yes!!!!!! we are having this issue now! like you the nappies appear thin and lose bits at the top and all have leake dbar a handful.I Use the huggies crawler for boys.Have rang kimberly clarke and there sending out a replacement box smile.If this box leaks I'll be going back to treasures smile.

We've just discovered this problem with the "new" girls infant box 96.I've used 1 box with no problem and also half a bag but the last box i bought i have used maybe 15-20 nappies and we've had 4 leaks over night and two during the day! I haven't changed how i put them on at all. I also noticed when i opened these ones they seemed different - like they were looser along the edges? Hard to explain. I've now moved on to using the second box as i don't want to go out and buy another box. If the second box does the same then i will have to look at another brand as changing sheets at 2-3am is not helpful for me or bub! Disappointed and annoyed unsure
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