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NEW Huggies Nappy Pants Crawlers Lock Rss

The Huggies Nappy-Pants range now comes in three sizes, crawler size (7-11kg), toddler size (10-15kg) and walker size (14-18kg).

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Why cant I find soft pack wipes anymore? They are my "never leave home without" item. I cant find them in the shops anywhere. They are the most handy size and my girls love the Disney characters on them sad
the nappy pants for crawlers are very good. obsorb really good, but the belt area is too loose. leak from sides and can see the front part when my baby sits up. I bought a pack of 40 and had a very good try of 8 times. including during the day and night. I wonder if I could ring up huggies and pay for the ones I used and change to a pack of nappies.

My friends had the same experiences.
My daughter is 14 months old and weighs only 9kg so she still wears the crawler nappies. We too tried the pull ups and they were too big for her, they were far too loose around her waist and legs causing them to leak. I much prefer the regular huggies nappies.
I got a sample of the crawler pants from Huggies and it functioned well. Great for grandma who struggles when baby wriggles around... but not easy to find in stores. Found one chemist in my local area so I save those for when others have to change my baby's nappy.
I have recently tried the crawler size nappy pants which I found very good.My only problem is my daughter wants to pull them off all the time. What do I do???
hey guys, could everyone please help my beautiful baby girl to win this baby competition by clicking on her photo & then liking it, would be very helpful and i would love the chance to win a free photo session for her! smile
hi huggies, i just wanna ask if you can still buy infant nappy at wollies? ive been to newington wolies to get infant but they havent got none and went to ermington they havent got none. i have been using huggies since my first child until now i have 3rd child. im a huggies supporter as only huggies works on any of my kids but it is so dissappointing going in the shop finding no huggies for infant. can you buy huggies for infant (box) online?
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