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Panel heaters - econo heat etc? Lock Rss


We currently use a fire as our main heating, but my son's room is quite far from it so was thinking of putting one of those econo heaters in his room. Our house is uninsulated so wondering if anyone uses one and are they really as efficient as they say??

Yes we have one in DS's room and it is really effective (our house is half insulated - only in all the bedrooms). It stays nice and warm but not too hot smile

Oh cool, yea we have a convector heater but it drys everyone out so think I may to go buy one. My sons been so sick so am hoping this will help
I have two econo heat panels in my house, they are brilliant. However it is better to use them on insulated walls. They are great for keeping a room at an even temperature, you don't wake up all hot and sweaty needing to turn it off, they just stay on all night no worries. If your home isn't insulated you might find using a small oil heater on a timer will keep the room warmer as it will put out more heat than the econo heat.
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