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Just wondering what everyones thoughts are on the Magic-Alls Multi Fits (Minkee with Snaps)? They're on special at the moment so wanted to get a stack for my bub. Or do you use a different brand thats the same price that does just as good?

Would like to hear everyones opinions about them <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
I use them and the BBH Petites, they are great smile I havent had any leaks & fit both my bub & toddler snug. they are easy to dry too
I used the One Size Fits All full time for DD until she was 9 months is my opinion.... [list] Good Points: [item]1. Easy to wash and dry [/item][item]2. Never had one leak at all, the absorbency was excellent. Even with explosive newborn poos! [/item][item]3. After using them full time for 9 months they still looked brand new [/item][item]4. The function to change the sizing in one nappy was great. Each size fitted well. [/item][/list] [list] Bad Points: [item]1. This doesn't apply to you though as you want to use the magic all in ones. But I personally found the sizing too small for covers and the nappies themselves. By the age of 9 months DD was using the large size covers, admittedly she could have been in the medium covers instead of the large, but I found the smaller size cover the more chances of getting a leak as the entire nappy is absorbent and the cover is what is holding the wee in! Also the nappies were almost at the last adjustment size. They would have only seen her to approx 12 months. And she was an average size bubba! [/item][item]2. The onesie snap under crutch suits were a VERY snug fit with these nappies, it seems most clothes are made to fit disposables. [/item][item]3. This sounds lazy....but before I got them I thought to myself "whats an extra 3 loads a week?!" well, when DD started on solids it turns out an extra 3 loads a week meant I ALWAYS did at LEAST one load of washing every day! [/item][/list] so in the end, I sold mine on a baby auction website for $150, I spent $600 on them when they were brand new, and according to Baby Beehinds if I used them for 9 months then after that I would start to save money from using cloth. So I was determined to stick them out that long at least!!! But I must admit, I now use huggies and it is one less job a week I have to do!! And I just always stock up on nappies when the jumbo boxes are on sale so I have yet to pay more then $33 for a box. Good luck with your decision though! Keep us informed, and sorry about my essay!!!! laugh
Awesome thanks Ladies' another brand i saw was GroVia they seem really nice looking and got 5 star reviews anyone used these?
I use BBH magic all's with the twins and absolulty love them. We also have some Bumgenius nappies which also fantastic. Bumgenius ones aren't quite as bulky as the BBH's but more expensive.
All a bit of trial and error i think.
Good luck:)
I magicalls at night on my 11mth ds and 3 yr dd, I put in an extra trifold bamboo booster as well as the bbh insert which does make them quite bulky, was worried at 1st as they werent tight enough around the legs, but never had any leaks with them, also at night on them both i use the multifits, seem to fit a lot better they both on the large setting with them. during the day I use the onesize hemp and one size bamboo, I not keen on pul nappies in full time use as so far I have found with my previous pul the seem to delaminate, hence why I only use them at night.


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