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DH and I are looking at a new mobile. We have a top of the range Samsung and "hate the piece of crap" doesn't begin to describe how we feel about them. It was brand new when we got them so no-one knew all the flaws. DH is very techinical and has spoken to a few of his nerdy friends and they all recommened the HTC brand, as they also make other technical bits. But I want to know from other people that I trust - namely you lovely ladies. If you have one or know of anyone who as one:

1. What do you think of them?
2. Any particular ones we should stay clear off?
3. Good points and bad?

Please tell me should I invest in one or keep banging my head against the wall trying to find something that suits us. I don't want to pay for yet another piece of s**t!!!

I have an HTC Desire, and I love it. Haven't had an issue with it at all.
And one of my friends works for Telstra, so he showed me how to customise a bunch of stuff on it (message tones, alarms, etc), which is all on Google too anyway.

I still don't like iPhones!
I have a HTC magic, best phone i have ever had. My brother works in IT and he has had HTC;s for years, he swears by them and would never use any other phone. He also says they are iphones on steroids LOL. Apps are free and you can customise anything you want. Mine has never played up (only thing is the provider im with cuts out regulary but that has nothing to do with the phone!)

The only things i dont like is that i have to charge it almost everyday as it uses heaps of power for the screen and also if you play games, apps ect it runs high on power as well. And the video camera is really chunky on playback, but other than that i love it!

i have a HTC ARIA & i am not very technical so its not easy for me to use, maybe if someone showed me how to work it properly it would be ok
yep i have to agree that it uses heaps of power & i have to charge it every single day
everyone else seems to love them, but TBH the touch screen is a pain in the a*se


Hi there

Thanks, I knew I could count on all you lovely ladies to help me as usual. It really just cements what all the "nerdy" technical forums say as well.

Please keep the info coming - the more the merrier!!!

Again THANKS...
Hi, I have a HTC Desire and I love it, was looking at the Iphone but the htc has a better camera, I find it really easy to use and easy to figure out how to customise. I do agree with the other posters that said they need to be recharged alot actually am glad that I read this 'cause I thought maybe something was wrong with it having to charge around every second day. I would definetly reccomend the HTC.
They do need to go on charge every night, it's true.
But from what all of my friends with iPhones say, theirs have to be charged daily too.
Hi again,

Well we are charging our current pieces of crap every night as it is. I don't really care to much about that, as long as I get a day out of it. Plus I really don't use it a lot, but DH would use it more than I do. As long as it works!!!

I am sorry to tonz*** about your Dad's phone. It is so frustrating when they just don't work. Especially something we rely on so much.

With everything that DH could find on his "nerdy" forums and what you lovely ladies have been able to tell me. HTC is now at the top of our list! We have had almost every other make and became dissappointed with them for some reason or another. And the iphone 4 was on our "if there was truley nothing else" list.

So thanks again ladies. Keep all the info coming, you are all wonderful and we really do appreciate the help. THANK YOU!!!
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