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I really want to start using cloth nappies. DS is 10m old, but I figure I can use the nappies for future bubs too. I've been looking at baby shops and they're SO expensive. I'm a part of a young mothers group on facebook and they all get their nappies for around $7 each and they have nothing but good things to say about them!

All I can find here are $20+ in stores and all I can find on eBay which are reasonably priced are cloth nappies from China which I'm kind of iffy about them because, let's face it, we've all had something "made in china" that's not been of the greatest quality.

I was considering just buying 1 and seeing how it goes, but I thought I'd ask you ladies too if you's know of anywhere with affordable, good quality cloth nappies.
Look on trade me, e bay etc, they do great deals on bulk, they may seem alot of money but in the long run they are not as much as disposibles, I use them on my daughter she is 12months I have been using them since she was 4 months.
I think I spent $50 on the shells, and $40 on the innners then for the liners I just buy them in my grocery shopping.
I got all my cheapies off TradeMe and have found them great and they worked out to be less then $7 each (thats including postage and two inserts for each nappy!)

However now we are trying for number 2 I am starting to buy a lot more of the expensive ones as you do get what you pay for. The cheapies seem to need changing more often and don't last as big a weight range.

I'm buying Itti Bitti Tutto's as they range from 3kgs through to 20 (no need to buy any right through to being toilet trained. Although they may seem expensive this may be a cheaper option if the cheapies you are looking at are sized.
Auctions like these pop up all the time... some people even start them at $1 no reserve for me it was a matter of taking my time and watching heaps of auctions to get a bargain.

Hope this is some help smile
Bumsup Cloth Nappies are only $10 each. I have not used them personally, but my friend has and she likes them. I use Bonnibuns, but they are not cheap (very good though).
I use babybeehinds brand on my 11mth and 3 yrold, love them, I also have some mandymacs bamboo and purple night as back up, I'm not keen on them tho but some people swear by them,I only ever bought 2nd hand too, you can get quite a good deal sometimes, I always try to get them in bulk tho, try this facebook page, its where I got all my nappies.!/home.php?sk=group_94482415428


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