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Holden Cruze CDX or Nissan X-Trail Lock Rss

Hey ladies,

Am in the market for a bigger car (currently have a rio), do anyone have either a Holden Cruize CDX or Nissan X-Trail? What do you think of it??
We have a Xtrail and its a great car.. Heaps of room for the pram and shopping. We got a bought a cargo barrier for ours once DD was born. Ours is a auto Diesel and is great on fuel.. About 7Lt per 100 km. The boot is also a great hight to use to change DD smile
We have a 2007 X-Trail. LOVE IT!
Tows a boat/trailer well, fits all our cr@p in the boot, easy to drive and park. Only downside is it's a bit greedy with petrol, but it doesn't help that up until recently I'd drive DD around to get her to sleep in the day sad
But overall, I'm very happy with it. Just the right size for us.
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