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Hi, I saw the Ad on TV and also called about the price, I realised why they don't give you the price on the Ad, it's because they charge so much for them !
So I did a search on 'Quicksales' the link is -
I found a seller there selling them much cheaper, the sellers ID is Purzest
I bought a couple of them and I love them, I'm 12DD. So being small around the back with a DD cup I was a bit worried but they fit perfectly, I got the Small size, they really stretch where they need to, they are supportive. I wear one during the day and one at night.
I'm really happy with them!

Just out of curiosity how much are they? I figured that was the reason why they weren't telling you the price on the tv.
Hi everyone, for ages I was looking for a comfortabnle bra, when I saw the ahhbra being advertised on TV. Wanted to give it a try. But after I´ve got more information on the internet, I won´t. It seems to be a rip off.
They are too expensive for what you get. I´m from Germany and here they cost (as a special offer on TV) 69,90 € for a set of three bras. On the ahhbra webside the same set is advertised for only 39,90 €. And , funny enough, in the Netherlands, which is our neighbour country, you can get one ahhbra for 6,95 €. If they will deliver to Germany I might give it a try. In case it´s crap, I havent lost too much money.
I love them. They don't roll up; they support very well and are so-comfortable. They keep the girls contained, supported, and under control.

Ive seen these in NZ on this web site here alot cheaper
Its a late post but i bought these and i love them. I am a 14G and i wear two, they are comfortable and i dont get any digging in marks. If i want to exercise then i wear three of them...
i think they sell them at big w now, might be worth going and trying one on to see what you think and have a sneaky jump around in the change room and see if theres much wobble.
Big W sell them for $30. Not sure if at all stores. I brought a few & find them really comfortable & wear them every day. They aren't padded, so if I waqnt extra support I just double them up.
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