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Hi all,

DF and I are considering buying a used late model Subaru Forester as our Mazda 323 is already full with just one baby! Wondering if anyone has any feedback on how good they are as a family car, especially fitting 2 or 3 baby seats in the back?


we got one earlier this year, and we love it, we have enough room. though we only have DD, I often take my friend and her DD out too, so it fits 2 carseats fine and 2 prams(not strollers) and our shopping, lol
I have a 2001 model and it doesn't fit 3 car seats. Does fit two, and fits the double pram in the boot. VERY squishy to put a passenger in between the two car seats in the back though. Like not really possible. Well, you can, but it is really really uncomfy. I'm looking for a new car now. Or slimline car seats.
Cool thanks for the replies.

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