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Has anyone come across a good website to create photo gifts with?
Try snapfish or Big W Photos online.

I know with the Big W ones the postage is free if you organise to pick up at your local store.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

i like big w photos online. we have done canvas prints and mugs and have been quite happy with them

I had a bib done at Harvey Norman online and while the quality of the photo on the bib was good, the bib itself was almost paper thin and completely not practical as a bib. It still looks pretty though. Like Big W, you can pay for postage or collect free instore. I think a lot of the online photo gift stores all have a very similar range although from memory, Big W may be a little cheaper than Harvey Norman, but both have good discounts at various times.
For an alternate to photo's try this. they do a personalised caricature of your child. They even give you the file so you can print it off as many times as you like. I used mine on xmas present gifts last year. The service was also very quick. they do all sorts of things there, umbrellas, handbags, coasters, whatever you can think of! its situated in hong kong, but the shipping is very reasonable, and if you compare the price of harvey norman to you will find the latter is HEAPS cheaper!

Snapfish. I guess the Australian website would be Their photos are top quality and service is grand. I'm in NZ and have found that getting your order delivered to the nearest pharmacy is cheaper than having them sent out to my home address. Not sure how it would be in Oz. Have fun!
I have just done two photobooks through Snapfish as first birthday momentos. I was very impressed with the quality and timeliness, they arrived within the week. I have also heard that vistaprint is very good. its pretty good. its pretty good.

I just thought i would add that I LOVE LOVE LOVE

It's fantastic, I have ordered 5 photobooks, 5 keyrings, 2 canvasses, lense cleaning clothes, makeup bags, an umbrella, so much fantastic stuff, and i have been totally 100% happy! Has anyone else actually ordered stuff from

Photobooks & personalised gifts

Because I am a big artscow fan, I thought i would put this link up for a 6x6in hardcover photobook for 99c including postage.

they are really awesome, i totally recommend them. 2nd and subsequent photobooks are $3.99 inc postage.

Honestly, you would be mad if you didnt at least join up to get this one 99c photobook, hehe.

tash xx is a best website for choose gifts because its provide lots of gifts options.
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