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I'm really wanting to use cloth nappies for my son (due in July) but really am quite lost! I think either All-in-one or 2-in-one (snap in liner) would be the ones for me. Just wanting to know what others have thought of cloth and which is the best brands/etc. What lasts the longest without leaks/etc. Would be VERY grateful for any help =)
I had the pea in a pod brand cloth nappy and loved them. It was the only brand i ever tried to so i cant reccomend any of the other ones. I would just reccomend buying a couple of extra liners and putting one in at night to keep him/her dryer longer.
The best advice would be to try as many different brands as you can, before deciding on a favourite. A nappy that may be a great fit for someone else, may not work on your bubs.

There are places that offer a 'try before you buy' as well.

I've bought a lot of different brands to try, there are sooooo many out there!! Nappy Addicts has a 'marketplace' where you can buy & sell secondhand nappies (google Nappy Addicts & take a look around). There is also a MCN site on facebook that sells secondhand nappies.

No offence to the PP, but peainapods are not one of the 'best' brands. Nowhere near it. Sorry!!! unsure I also wouldn't bother buying the cheapy ones on ebay either. wink

Forgot to say i'm in NZ so there are probably a lot of nappies you have over in Aussie that i can't get so easily here >.< The first nappy i bought is a Gro Baby with the snap in liner. It seems a bit small on my daughter (who's almost 2) and typically, when i decide to try it on her, she lasts 2 hours then explodes in it! Ugh! It all stayed in though so that's a good start haha
People on NA have been sending nappies to France, so it could still be worth a look for you!! wink You may end up with one of the best nappy stashes in NZ. grin

i use itti bitti d'lish and i just love them - ultra trim, contain well and very soft.
they are expensive and come in s,m,l so you need to buy a few sizes as you go, as pp said i thought peapods were great until i purchased some top quality nappies and boy did it make a difference!
my advise is try a few out cause pp is right what works for 1 baby is not what works for another and recommend buying good quality - invest in them as it makes a huge difference!
Itti bitti have a clearance on some bitti boos- they're seconds. I got some and don't see any problems with them. They're fitted, so you'll need a cover, but I don't bother. They hold LOADS, and I like the fabric.
Itti bitti were useless on my newborn, it wasn't until she was big enough for mediums that they're really come into their own.

Modern cloth nappies are great- I've only had one or two leaks in 9 months tongue

Have a look at Dragonfly Magik- embroidered minky, OSFA, they're lovely.

Grobaby/ Grovia are also pretty good. I like Snap in 2 or AI2 because they're easy to wash and dry. Pocket's are ok, but you get sick of stuffing them after a while.
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