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Easy trifle recipe Rss

I am not sure if u have got a post in regards to trifle recipes but I am in need of an easy trifle recipe..
I have never made one b4 but would love to have it for Xmas dessert...
I anxiously await some yummo recipes!!!

nee Lilysmama - Proud Mama of 2 Girls

hi, here's how i make mine:


sponge cake
can fruit salad (size depends on how big trifile is)
custard ( i cheat and buy store bought)
whipped cream
1 flake bar

tear sponge cake into chunks, place in a bowl and pur can of fruit salad on top, let the sponge soak the juice up.
place custard and whipped cream on top.
cut strawberries i nhalf and place on top of cream
sprinkle flake bar on top of strawberries.

i do know of somepeople who make a jelly and pour that onto the sponge before the fruit salad.

its very simple and yummy!!

Hi, i get asked to make triffle for xmas every year for about the last 10 years.
Here we go.

layer in a deep bowl - like maybe a salad bowl.
sliced jam roll cake
a tin of sliced peaches, with some juice on the jam roll (or any alcahol such as schnaps or sherry etc)
one packet of raspberry or port wine jelly already set and chopped up.
600 mls of custard, i make my own with milk and custard powder on the stove top, but you can just use the carton stuff.
top with thickened cream whipped.
keep in the fridge overnight so it kind of sets.
You can just adjust the ingredient quanitites to suit or you can stretch it out if making for a lot of people by using like a lasagne style dish also works well.

I make mine the same as mvs, with sherry. And I think home made custard is way nicer than ready made.
I usually grate chocolate on top too.
I always get asked to make trifle too. And even had non trifle eaters love it.

Michelle- 3 boys-17,13 & 9 -2 girls-3 & 1

Thank you so much ladies!!!
I know it is a simple thing to make but I just wanted to know how others did it.
I like the idea of using butterscotch schnapps..
Oh, do u think butter cake would work with the trifle instead of a sponge style cake???

nee Lilysmama - Proud Mama of 2 Girls

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