Hi parents! I'm reaching out to you all for a bit of help. I'd love to get your feedback on an idea I've got on a baby sleep app. One of the hardest things when my daughter was born was trying to work out how and when to get her to sleep. Every bit of advice I received was different, and what worked for one mother, did not work for another. It took a bit of time to finally work out a method, and I realised that my daughter had been giving me hints about how she should be sleeping all along.

I am developing an app to help parents work out a sleep pattern that best suits their Baby. Babies all have unique sleep needs. Based on my research into baby sleep routines, I have developed an algorithm to match recorded baby sleep times to a routine. The app will then create calendars for the parents to understand what the babies day might look like today, tomorrow or in three months time,

I was hoping to gauge the community interest in such an app. Would you be interested in such an app, and would happily pay a small fee for it ($5), use it if it was free with some ads or not at all?