Hi there,

We are an Aussie startup that would like to provide our customers with a platform to price their own wishlist (baby products) and save more than they would from buying in-store. As a recent father of two, I fully understand how important it is to keep spendings within budget and save money where you can.

Together, with the collective bargaining power of the parenting community, we aim to provide you with:
-The best prices (always)
-Automated process of finding the best retailer (no more online research and shop to shop haggling)
-The best consumer experience

We would really appreciate it if you could spare a minute or two to answer ten quick questions using the following link:


If you have an additional minute to spare, check out our website (www.laterdeal.com) and give our Facebook page a like (www.facebook.com/laterdeal)

As a token of appreciation, you could opt in for a discount coupon once we launch - directly applied to your account.