Some of you on here may already know me... I am a wife and a stay at home mother of two girls. I started an online preloved baby clothing store which has done really well-Its never going to make me a millionaire but its been a great hobby. All my items are under $5 and are in great condition.

Anyways when i was about 5 I decided I would be clothes designer and all these years its starting to come true smile I have started my own clothing label (yay) teeny&tiny The site is still having the final touches added and will be launched very soon.

I wanted to tell all the huggies mums and dads because firstly I am so excited and want to tell EVERYONE smile but also I have had great feedback and encouragement for prelovedbabyclothes from so many of you!

also I have a facebook fan page which i have been showing sneak peeks of whats to come for teeny&tiny smile