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Hello! I have an online - flashy clothing for performers!

Hi everyone! Lovely to meet you. My name is Jane Cargill.
I create exclusive handmade clothing for children and babies in my home based sewing studio.
Love you to visit my Facebook page :
Here's my speel: Four and Sixpants is exclusive handmade clothing for children and babies that is colorful, vibrant, ornamental, original, fun and completely handmade to a high standard.
Fabrics used are beautiful, unique and top quality but frequently limited to create gorgeous designer couture for precious little ones.
fourandsixpants for something a little bit different.
Do you love your coffee but find it can be quite bitter?

We have the solution. Our cold brew coffee is made from the only the best quality coffee beans available to create a smooth and full bodied taste without the bitterness. Brewed as a concentrate, you can enjoy it however you like, cold over ice, add milk for an iced coffee, you can even mix with hot water for a smooth hot coffee without the bitter aftertaste.

Our coffee is brewed in small batches to ensure we are offering only the freshest product. We are so confident you will love our coffee that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Check out our Facebook page - Beans n Beards
Or visit our website to place your order.

this is such a lovely idea. I love that the network is so incredible supportive.

We started a sunrise photography business. Yes that is right, we rise every morning with the sun and take beautiful pictures.
We started this when we were on the search for a special and meaningful gift for a close friend who just had their baby after years of trying. We thought what better gift, than to capture this special moment. She was so blown away by the sunrise photo taken the day her daughter was born, that we thought others might be too.

Check it out; our webPage is
we are also on instagram
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