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Hi all,

I have just started my Facebook page for my little business selling beautiful handmade paper flowers. Perfect as little gifts or as favours at your baby shower or baby's christening. I will also be doing weddings favours and bouquets coming soon.

Please would you have a little look and see what you think and like if you like ???? hehe

Thank you all ...
Hi all!

My Facebook business page selling tupperware is

Come add me smile

Hi All,

I have just started up a Facebook page selling baby and kids clothing, toys and more. We will be expanding eventually to maternity wear as well. Please like the page and share with your friends. This is so I can stay home with my bub instead of having to leave her to go back to work grin
Hi Everyone! I am providing early pregnancy care for women less than 14 weeks pregnant in Upper and Lower Hutt, and Wellington by special appointment! My Facebook page for more information is , thanks Theresa
Silicone Jewellery- By Frost Urself

Silicone Jewellery is practical accessories for Mums (or Dads!), Aunts, Grandmas and others. Silicone Jewellery enables babies to handle and chew the jewellery in a safe manner. The breakaway clasp that each design displays- allows the jewellery not to snag.
Silicone Jewellery has been used not only for Children for Teething but those with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADD/ADHD or for any child that seeks out oral input.
Do you have a child that fidgets, chews, gets anxious or is stressed easily? Then Silicone Jewellery is a Practical Solution to help maintain their attention.
Silicone Jewellery addresses issues of inappropriate biting and chewing on inedible items they may also not be hygienic. It allows discreet fidgeting of hyperactive children to allow them to focus better. It strengthens jaw muscles, using up pent up energy by chewing to stay on task. Silicone Jewellery provides comfort and familiarity for children who do not handle transitions well.
The entire Silicone Jewellery Range uses 100% Hospital Grade Non toxic Silicone, is FDA Approved, contains NO BPA, lead, Cadmium or mercury.
Silicone Jewellery is can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water or can be put through the dishwasher.
©Frost Urself

we have just started making hair clips for our beautiful girls and decided to start a facebook page selling them
we are bringing in new designs all the time and have already started on some chrissy designs and currently have limited one direction clips for sale for $5

our clips range between $2 -$10
My private physiotherapy service for kids!! Ddisabilities, developmental delay, bubs with flat heads- everything. I have 8 years experience.
Thanks smile
Not a business, I just have a lifestyle blog ... started because I loved procrastinating and reading about other people's adventures so started my own smile
Hi everyone,

Studio ReCapture was founded by two photgraphers with a shared passion: the best photographs are the ones that last forever.

Our focus is capturing simple, yet elegant and emotional photographs of special moments.
Each one of our professional images captures three things: Passion, Beauty, and Soul.

Here's a link to our facebook page :
This is my facey page - The Blue Lotus Doula Services

Based in Rockhampton, Central Queensland smile

My business is Sarah Kate Photography , based in Perth WA.
I do everything from maternity photos, newborns, families and wedding photography. All of my packages include a CD/USB with all edited images.

Crochet photography props for babies, toddlers & Childrenplus handmade baby clothing and accessories. Everything is handmade by myself.
Here is my facebook page:
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