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Hi there ladies, well I'm due very soon but would like to know if any home business venture worked for you? I've looked at Avon, Nutrimedics, Thermomix, Tupperwear and all that, any other suggestions to look into? Any positive and negative feedback you can give me if you are or have been a consultant for anything?
im a tupperware demonstrator and its great and the tupperware discount you get is rather nice too

I've done Avon before and found it was too much work for too little return.

I did Tupperware and loved it but found I just didn't have the space to house all the things I needed (I did however make sure I fully stocked my kitchen first!!)

I now do Le Reve - commission is great, don't need to have a lot of stuff and it's $0 outlay to start.

More than happy to answer any questions you have, feel free to pm me any time smile
i'm doing avon at the moment. its quite abit of work and if you dont make it to the 35% target i dont think you'll be making too much money.

i'm still in it more for me to do something other than baby things!

Hi MothersMilk,

Im a consultant with The Body Shop at Home, it is a party plan business with The Body Shop products. I earn quite a generous commission and we get lots of freebies and incentives.

I did avon for a little while but unless you're willing to put in the hard yards with it I don't think its worth it.

If you'd like some more information about The Body Shop at Home I'd be happy to chat to you. Please feel free to send me a PM.
i did tupperware and thought it was great but i also found myself spending more than my profits on items for me. Whoops. Im a sucker for tupperware
Hi there!,

i am a jeweller from 'Fifth Avenue Collection'. Its affordable to start as you have the option to pay your showcase is 3 monthly installments, and also have a 3 month cooling off period therefore if you for some reason dont want to be selling fashion jewellery anymore or if it doesnt workout for you, Fifth Avenue will be more than happy to buy back all the stock you have not already sold. You earn 50% on all retail sales plus can win free holidays and more. No minimum sales to earn. You work the days you want, its your business.
If youd like more info please PM me

feel free to checkout my wesite first

P.S all the jewellery are top quality
I found that party plan didn't really offer me the freedom I wanted, there was a number who required you to have so many party bookings before signing up, easy for some and no so easy for others, my family lived 300kms away and we had just moved to a new area so I didn't really know many people..
I went to Direct Selling, I joined LR Health & Beauty, I have the freedom to sell how I want and to whoever I want, I can actually sell the products while I am sleeping or spending time with my kids and hubby, I can sell to salons, vets, make up artists, health professions and basically the list is endless!! The products are fantastic! There is an emergency Aloe Vera spray which you can use for anything! and I mean anything! I personally have used it on tonsillitis and an ear infection! My 6yo has eczema so I use it on her, I also used it when she had chicken pox (it took the itch away and reduced the swelling/welting) my 4yo DS is a typical boy and I use it on his grazes! and thats just 1 product! I have my own website if you would like to take a look, it's or you can email me at [email=""][/email] ohh and it can also be run as a party plan kinda business, but that is purely by choice! no minimum sales per month is a huge bonus unlike some where you have to have so much in sales or parties to stay active!
I look forward to hearing from you soon <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
I have been a Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics while I was pregnant, while my children were toddlers and as they have grown, earning 50% commission since I started. It has given me the flexibility I needed, while still giving me the opportunity to develop myself, and earn an income to assist our family - who have always been my first priority. There are no quotas so when life throws those curve balls you can make choices that are right for you smile .

Please email me if you would like more details - happy to send it through so it helps you make the decisions that are best for you. Email me on

i am an advisor for the learning ladder i love it, i have done avon and nutrimetics and they were not for me but learning ladder is great pm me if you would like to chat about it

blessed mum of 3


I am a consultant for Body Shop At Home and I really love it. I work fulltime as well as doing Body Shop but after bub is born will just be doing Body Shop. Its pretty easy to get into and get alot of support from meetings, leaders etc.
Would be happy to give you more info if you like, just pm me smile

Hey Ladies,

I just started a thread about this elsewhere, the link is

Feel free to check it out smile
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