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Forum Chat (Technical & Other Forum Issues)


Holy spammo!

Mods! There is so much spam in the forum! I'm not here to buy sneakers!

5 replies

Think we've just cleaned up the latest burst of spam The spam is annoying, and that is one of the reasons why the Huggies Team inv...


Mods - where is the homebirth thread?

I couldn't find where to contact you. Sorry if its in a really obvious place. Just wondered whe...

47 replies

There is a home birth and drug free birth section You could try and put a new ...

Hey Mods! please pass on to IT, thanks :)

I agree with everything 2littleBs has said/asked - and would just like to add another; pleeeeeeas...

9 replies

And mods- my report button STILL doesn't work. I've asked a few times and have emailed several times.


pregnancy and relationships

Hi huggies Ive been trying to get into the above forum in the pregnancy area, but i keep gettin...

1 reply

Thanks for letting us know. Our IT team are looking into this ASAP. We'll let you know when it's accessible again! Kind Regards, ...

New mobile version?

I hate the new mobile version! I use an iPad so it always goes to mobile version. I have to sign ...

1 reply

StrawberryTimTam wrote: I have to sign in then go to "view standard site" then I have to sign in again then finally get the standard...


Why dont i have emoticons???

Some posts i can reply to i have them, but the majority of the time the button isnt there.... wh...

8 replies

My emotion box is never there anymore and the quote button still doesn't work for me. How come some ladies seem to be able to use th...


In "my posts" how can you tell if new replies have been done?

In the old forum, it used to be bold if someone had added to it but I don't think that's the case...

4 replies

Mimsey wrote: mel-O wrote: *chonnie* wrote: Yep it would be good to have that one back, also taking you automatically to the first u...


Toy offer

Just wondering was there or will there be a Huggies toy offer in 2012? I know last year it was wi...

4 replies

ohhhh i see thanx for that i will start saving them


Where did my signature go?

Sorry this is the first time Ive jumped on here since the forum has underwent a face lift! Just w...

1 reply

hi melly, it looks like your signatures are back up. let us know if you're facing any other difficulties.


Can't access certain forums

This has probably been posted already, but everytime I try to scroll through pages I keep getting...

1 reply

JonRah wrote: This has probably been posted already, but everytime I try to scroll through pages I keep getting errors so can't see ...

How to tell if you've commented

I hope they sort something like that out for us! It's one othe the things I miss the most!

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"Quote" and "Report"

On the new forum, what are these and when would I use them?

1 reply

knockonwood wrote: On the new forum, what are these and when would I use them? The quote (which is what I have just done) is when y...

Double posts!!

Every time I post it does a double. I only press the submit button once and then I let the page r...

2 replies

This happened to me a few times yesterday too.


how do i turn email notification OFF??

I started a thread tonight, but now i am getting email notification everytime someone posts a rep...

5 replies

HuggiesModerator wrote: You need to click on the email notification button (blue button above your thread) this will give you the op...


Top contributers

So I was having a better look around the new forum today and noticed the "top contributers" on th...

4 replies

Windmill wrote: Not on topic... but Mel-O, I must've missed an announcement that you found out your baby's gender. I think I remembe...

another ticker test

You need to click on the Pseudo UBB code after you've made your lilypie ticker, then copy and pas...

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Huggies IT support

Announcement: Huggies Forum upgrade

Hi everyone, We have an exciting announcement to make… Later this week we are going to be launch...

2 replies

Sweet! Here I was thinking it'd be a month or more before we would see it

3 pease in a pod..

why cant i add a avatar/photo??

Hay I have been trying to add a photo to my avatar since i joined but it wont work! I load up the...

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gypsy kylz

ive updated ,my photo...why is it still the old one..?

uploaded a new profile pic, says its successful but all my posts etc still have the old one...? i...

7 replies

just so you know you can never actually remove a photo from online you might delete it and thinks it's gone but people will still b...


Best booster seat as per consumer

Does anyone know the best booster seat as per Cheers

1 reply

The best booster is the one that can secure your child any moment in your car. A new report from the Automobile Association of Ameri...

I accidentaly

added a friend can I delete them once?

3 replies

sorted...cheers all!


How do you check if Huggies members have requested a friendship with you?

Im kind of new on here and would like to know how you check if people have requested a friendship...

15 replies

Lol another coincidence! DP and I moved up here from Levin in 2008 after we finished high school. I was studying at Massey, but w...



Hi Ive got 13month old twins and working full time. Auckland. Wondering about the development of...

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Can't PM moderator

Hi, I don't use the Pm function much so maybe I'm doing something wrong? I type my heading and ...

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gypsy kylz

cant report user

ive tried to report a 'user' no need to name them its pretty obvious lol but the site always give...

5 replies

LOL there is a lot of them How bored was I last night and couldn't sleep? I counted 47 of these stupid posts from thi...



just checking my signature

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how do i delete my profile?

3 replies

hey, i hope you don't delete i think you are lovely, kind and give good advice. are you ok? i'm happy to lend an ear any time g...


Can only access huggies on phone?

For some reason huggies will not load at all on my laptop, brings up 'oops internet explorer cant...

1 reply

It's working now, yay


pregnancy week by week fail

Hi, I didnt know where to post this. I always receive my "huggies mum to be club" email every s...

2 replies

Phew its not just me! Hopefully they fix it soon. I just read this week on their website


Having to re sign in all the time

Not sure if this is how it is suppose to work but Ive noticed that everyday (at some point, not a...

3 replies

if you use the bottom links they think your signing in from the opposite country to the one your in.. use the top ones as that shoul...


Having to reset the password everytime I come back...

Hello! I signed up last night. This morning I logged on but it wouldn't accept my password so I...

1 reply

Hi there, Welcome to the Huggies' Forum Please send us an email at and we can chat directly, and help...


Avatar not showing

Hello How do I get my avatar pic to show? Does it have to be approved first? Thanks

11 replies

Aw how cute. Beau loves playing in the water whether it's the rain, bath, hose, pool. thats cute isaiah loves to chase the dog aro...

please help me :)

hey ichanged my profile picture and if i click on edit my profile it comes up with my new picture...

3 replies

I'm having this problem now. I have tried changing my pic again to see if it worked and it still hasnt worked it has been a coupl...


Test Post

Test Post

3 replies

Just wanted to say thanks mods


just checking signature pic


1 reply

... ggrrr! Can anyone tell me how to put a pic up using photobucket?


Having trouble accessing the site

Since yesterday ive been having issues loading huggies (the whole site), it either goes white or ...

3 replies

hi guys, unfortunately the whole Huggies website is facing a bandwidth overload since late Monday 12 Dec. The technical team have be...

Email notification issues

Just a test post, to see if your email notification function is up and running now. Fingers crossed

1 reply

Test post.


Guide for Making Flash SWF on DVD Player

Guide for Making Flash SWF on DVD Player If you are a hard-core DVD fan prefer higher Flash vid...

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That little avatar really looks nothing like me! Tried to put one of my pics up but its too big,...

3 replies

Thanks! I'll get onto it tonight. couldn't be bothered now Helenxx