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Forum Chat (Technical & Other Forum Issues)



Just wanted to let you know that my PM function is stuffing up. I am getting the e-mail to say th...

3 replies

Zinkles wrote: Just wanted to let you know that my PM function is stuffing up. I am getting the e-mail to say that I've got a P...

Mobile V's Full Site Problem

Nope that hasn't happened to me... Earlier with all the problems they were telling people to...

1 reply

Hi Guys As of yesterday the mobile site should be working a lot better now. Are you still having problems today? Can you let us what...

Cindy A


hey, I'm pretty sure I followed the directions right to upload the ticker from lilypie but ...

1 reply

life savers. thanks heaps


Can't reply to ANY threads ????

I can't seem to reply to any topic or thread, haven't been able to for at least a few d...

4 replies

knockonwood wrote: I can't seem to reply to any topic or thread, haven't been able to for at least a few days now. It...

Ahhhhh spam :/

I know! sooooo frustrating!! if they post one add, people can read it and may actually be interes...

1 reply

arhhhhhh! just so annoying.

Kiwi Gem

Re. Message about forum issues!

I can't reply to any topics.. Hence why I have started a thread instead of replying to the o...

3 replies

Hehe, they must be!


We'll let the team know your suggestion

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Im getting the same thing !

4 replies

Thanks for your replies, we'll get some advice from the team


Passwords reset issues!!

Is anyone else having to reset their password all the time to sign in? Or is huggies just rejecti...

5 replies

Yes I have had trouble for awhile now, constantly have to re-set password and often it doesn't work so I just give up and settl...

Hong kong huggies

Ditto! Annoying!

11 replies

HuggiesModerator wrote: Hi Guys As we've stated elsewhere in the forum this was spam and our IT team are looking into this. ...


huggies hong kong.... Lock

anyone else get an email from them?

4 replies

POST EDITED 15/5/2013 Hi everyone, we have become aware that some of you may have received an email from our Huggies Hong Kong tea...

Lucy 29

temperature in my daughter's room

Hi Everyone, with the night temperatures beginning to drop I started using Dimplex oil heater in ...

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HOW TO ??????

Hi im new to all this and was just wandering how you change the name under your profile picture?

1 reply

Welcome Tamika93! Beautiful pic!


what going on ?

so a few mins ago i just got notifactions on the stuff that was posted yesterday or the day befor...

1 reply

Don't worry, it will be fixed eventually - be prepared for an inundation of notifications (well, if you've been posting a ...



Someone please tell Me if you can see my ticker I made on lilypie lol I can only see the code whe...

5 replies

Oh much help That make sense now Im going to try again Thanks

Hey Mods, my post count isnt moving

You three oldies all look so new

4 replies

A quick update; the problem with the post counts not updating has been identified and fixed, and all things going well, will be depl...

Ben&Chloës Mama

Is this happening to anyone else??

after you post look at your total posts under your name, is your total posts going up? cause i po...

2 replies

well glad its not just me then

Mods how long is this going to be happening

Little Miss's wrote: How long are we going to have all these problems with the forum. Not be...

1 reply

Little Miss's wrote: How long are we going to have all these problems with the forum. Not being able to post, load pages, slow ...


Lol I actually had a look at the site because I'm still having shoe issues 9 months on from ...

4 replies

KaShMy wrote: Athaye wrote: Be Naive wrote: Yep I even tried to start a new topic to say what the and wouldn't let me. Boo you ...

Anyone else having problems following other members?

I though to get them to follow you too, you have to send a "follow request" by clicking...

4 replies

mywinterdaisy wrote: Lol, this is super confusing isn't it! I had no idea that's how it worked Athaye, I feel like such a ...

Rebecca Simpson

Bambini Talent Group Child Modelling Agent - Melbourne

Hello Ladies, Wondering if anyone has any feed back about this agency, My daughter, nearly 3 has ...

3 replies

Have you googled them? There is a lot of specific feedback online. My only advise would be, if they ask for money for photos or a ...

Robbie P

The new guy :)

Hey ladies and gents(?), I just thought i would introduce myself on the forum, but firstly, Happ...

35 replies

Jas* wrote: Huggies fix the damn report button (stupid mobile) - sorry robbie! wacko I have only been on Huggies for a day and im g...



Hey there, my name is Taina & I have a seven month old daughter [May 2012]. I'm new to being ...

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I know it's trivial...

but I just want my notifications back in my e-mail! They've been gone for about 2 days now, eve...

3 replies

mine arent working either!! glad it isnt just me lol


TTC Spotting and Missed Period

Hi We have been trying to conceive for almost 12 months. I do get spotting before my period star...

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Anyone know ....

I only use the forum search. If you can think of a thread title that they posted in, you can sea...

3 replies

Bella-Roses Mummy wrote: this whole forum has changed so much since I was last on... its confusing!! Hey good to "see" yo...


Anyone else not able to "quote" ?

My quote button doesn't seem to work. Whenever I try to use it (which has been many times!), I g...

2 replies

Just on my computer, not my phone so don't know why it won't work.


Ticker testing :)

Hope they worked...

13 replies

Hhhmm. Pretty sure DS2 is only 3 today. Can't seem to get the ticker to believe it though. May try again when it's not his birthda...


New to forum, Dont understand all the words????

Im going to sound sooo stupid, But im new to the forum and ive tried for a couple of days to unde...

4 replies

Thankyou!!! Yeah i just saw a long list which helped so much, Much more easier to get involved now Thanks alot xx Ellie


Problem with notifications

Is anyone not getting any new post notifications in their e-mail? I noticed I was getting any,...

2 replies

Oh really? Well I love them - it means I don't miss a possible reply to one of my posts.

New anti-spam measures now active

Awesome, that's great! Thank you

2 replies

Good job


Quick question after some advice about uploading photos on baby room designs....?

Hi I have been trying for weeks to enter my bubs room in the baby room designs thing is as soon a...

1 reply

Hiya, Please drop us a line at and we can chat directly to try and resolve the problem you are having. ...


Browse Button Not Working

I get the following error message when trying to access the browse button: HTTP Error 500 (Inter...

7 replies

Yep im having the same problem, and i think i've got explorer to, and im on a computer.



so, my boy is almost 8months old and hes been the perfect baby, sleeping throughout the night fro...

2 replies

Little Miss's wrote: Sorry no help. Mine still won't take a bottle at 10 months. But just wanted to say that you might want to chang...



My 13 month old boy won't stop spitting and biting. I try to ignore it or discipline him when he ...

2 replies

Make a plan for what you are going to do when he does it and be consistent. I would place him in his room and walk away without sayi...


Well done mods ;)

Hope I'm not speaking too soon but haven't noticed much spam lately so you guys must be working h...

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Time Stamp

When I'm trying to find an old post, its REALLY hard to because they all say X months ago. Can yo...

9 replies

hi LoveHeart, We're really sorry we didn't get to your post earlier. Please be assured we're listening. It is quite overwhelming for...


Excuse me moderators, but....

Hello I was wondering if maybe YOU could start a thread where members can post what they would l...

12 replies

Hi All We will add a feedback thread so that you can add these suggestions. However, please bare in mind that we are currently work...


Does anyone have a few hours spare today that I could use???

Today I have to.... Go to work until 12.30 Get back to my DS by 1.30 GO shopping for a present a...

1 reply

That sounds pretty full on! Good luck getting everything done

3 pease in a pod..

smilies not working

Hello My smilies arent working.. i can do the basic but nothing else works. The little smiley t...

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