My wife had our daughter 12 days ago.

I still can't change a nappy.
I know what to do and how to do it, but when baby resists i struggle to take control and put the limbs where I need them. It feels like I'm using too much force and with baby already crying I wouldn't know if I'd hurt her or if I'd just pissed her off on a whole new level. I overthink it all and before I know it I've spiralled into pure panic..... wife takes over and jobs done in a heartbeat.
It's left me feeling like a bit of a Fraudulent Father in that it's one of the few jobs I can help with but I'm failing even in that.

The sound of her crying goes right thru me and i can't focus or concentrate properly on even simple tasks anywhere near baby when shes crying which doesn't really help.

My wife's turned into superwoman she's handling almost everything, raising our daughter, teaching me and doing her best to manage my plummeting self esteem. I'm supposed to be helping her out but instead I'm just adding to her workload.

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