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What do you think of the name Shayla? Rss

I had the name Shayla picked out for dd2 but when I told my mum she said it sounded like a silly trashy made up name, I really like it and want to ignor her but don't want to give my daughter a trashy sounding name either! What are your thoughts about the name?
Gosh! That's a bit harsh, isn't it?! I love the name shayla it is so pretty smile not silly and made up at all it's been around for years. Maybe the lesson here is to discuss names between your dh and yourself and not share until bub is born and owns the name. I'm guessing she would never have said that about the name if the first time she heard it it already belonged to her beautiful new grand daughter wink
I like Shayla it's pretty. Go with what you like. Your mother has already had her opportunity to name her daughter. I know a little girl named Shayleah (shay-lee-a) and she's gorgeous.

I think it's a nice name

Thanks, yes my mum is harsh when it comes to names (very passionate) she told my brother she didn't like his choice after the fact, but we all know what she's like and I've been trying hard to ignor her. It is DH's top pick as well.
I know a few Shayla's, I think it is a nice enough name. I do prefer Shaylee, Layla, Amaya and Ayla though.
Yep, sorru, I agree with your mum too. I think it's the y in it that does it. I know a girl called shailiana, and I don't think that sounds trashy - which is what males me think the y is making me think like that smile

I like it. Definitely not a made up name. Not common, but not new.
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