The early sixties showed little change on the front of the Landybridal wedding dress. The only real change was that the veils became more bouffant, which is

just to match the back-combed hairstyles with the time. A popular alternative to the coronet was a large single rose, worn high on the forehead, to which the

veil was gathered. In contrast, bouquets shrank, and tight little posies were preferred over the large, loose bouquets previously carried.

However, by the middle years of the decade, the influence of the "Swinging Sixties" designs of Mary Quant and co were beginning to alter even the bridal

profile, and waistlines first dropped, shift-style Landybridal dresses began to be seen. Along with the narrower line, returned the train and the "cathedral"

veil, because only brides married in cathedrals had previously worn them!

The shift soon proved too shapeless for wedding fashion, and it quickly evolved into the empire line, with the waist tight under the bust. Influenced by

mainstream design, some girls abandoned veils in favour of floral bonnets, or floppy hats.