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Cant read message Rss

Hi there, I am fairy new to forums and noticed i have a private message (i think) however i when i go to click on it, huggies wont let me read it, says something about the member who messaged me being a deleted member.... am i right in thinking i will never get to read what was in the message...... I hate not knowing lol

Thanks Leeonna
I have that as well, not sure what it's all about, and I can't delete it either!!
Go figure!
It's a spam message!!! If you go back to the Main Page of say the General Discussion tab you'll see the red envelope with a cross on it. Read that and it should all make sense to you! smile Cos yeah I got the same one too and it won't go away.

Thanks TazzyWinkle. Oh and for anyone puzzled by my typo i'm not a fairy,lol. i am fairly new to forums wink
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