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Packing away baby clothes Rss

DS has grown out of alot of his clothes but they are still in great condition so I want to keep them for the next bub.

What is the best way to store them so that they don't discolour, smell or get attacked/eaten by bugs?
get a few of those vac seal bags can buy hem almost anywhere. not only do they stop them from getting ruined they also help save a heap of space.

Hi there,

With both of my kids, I have purchased those enormous storage boxes with lids and rollers on the bottom that you can buy from Ronnies and other cheapie stores.

Then I layer the clothes with layers of tissue paper which seems to stop discolouration and then I store the boxes in our laundry off the floor on a shelf. As the lids "lock" closed, nothing nasty can then get in.


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