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Huggies Barcodes (helpful for promos) Rss

017205 = infant boys bigger bag

Leigha''s little men smile

000078-box of girls crawler I think.

Thanx izzysmum as soon as I can resign into hugs Australia I'll add it to the list for you smile]



bump bump
Oh please please make this thread a sticky!!!!!

Leigha''s little men smile

Bump Bump
Sorry, what is 'Bump' and also what is a 'Sticky?'

Sorry if I sound daft.. I am new to the forums and just want to learn stuff so I can fit in... hee hee

bumping is when you come into a thread and "bump" it back up to the top of a page by replying in it if it has become lost in the pages of threads created each day!,

and a "sticky" is a thread that the mods deem important enough to permanently place at the top of the list of threads

Sorry if thats confusing it made sense in my crazy brain! lol

Hi Battynat,

Thanks sooo much.. it makes perfect sense. Thanks to you I feel a little less daft.


i have a barcode for total body wash 000634
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