Hi there,

We have put together some information on the steps that that you will need to take within the Huggies Forum, when adding a signature image. I hope you find this information helpful.

The Huggies Forum supports the use of PseudoHTML codes. So if you go to this option in the hosting site of your choice, you should see the code that you will need. Then copy only that part of the code between img ] and /img ], (inclusive). So what you have highlighted to copy will look something like this (without the spaces);

img ]http://xxxx.xxxx.xxxx /img ]

You will then need to re-enter the Huggies Forum, sign in (if you have not done so already), select Update Details in the My Forum Details green box and then paste this code into the box next to signature under the forum details heading. Then select update details and reconfirm your email address and password at the prompts.

If you then go into the General Baby Topics - Technical Forum Chat area, there are a number of threads going where you can test the image in your signature. You can also Preview your post before submitting it, if you want to check that it is working as it should.

The Contact A Moderator function is also available if you would like to ask any further questions.

Kind regards,
Huggies Forum Moderator