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Celebrations - Parents (Weddings, Birthdays etc)

amanda 1984

Wedding songs

We are getting married in october and i have finnaly picked a song for us to do our wedding waltz...

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Awwww, I absolutely love that song!!! I use to listen to it all the time, I think thats as awesome pick!!!

Mama moo

Wedding Cars, gold coast

Hello very knowlegable Huggies Mummies. I was wondering if any of you could help me. My friend ...

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Jiffy Shoes

My 2.5 year old is going to be a flower girls next weekend. I cannot for the life of me find off ...

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its my bday

just wanted to say yay coz its my birthday today. im 22 although it doesnt really feel like my bi...

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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Selling wedding dress

My sister is selling her wedding dress. She paid $3000 for it and is selling it for $1000 ono. If...

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Going to pick your brains - Anyone want to get rid of there wedding mags!!!!!!

Hi Lovley Huggies Mums A girlfriend and I are starting our own wedding planning business in Nort...

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Hey Kim im moving to Townsville and im very interested to have a chat here is my msn sarah


Selling a wedding dress

Does anyone know the best way to sell your wedding dress? Im not a real big fan of ebay and putti...

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Well if anyone is interested here is my email its a size 18-20 Sarah


help me to find

dragon fly vellum paper for invites?? i hve ebayed googled everything i found one lots but it was...

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Hi, You can try they always have some really nice stationery and if they don't have it, they might be a...


organising wedding and family driving me mad..rant!!

Ok, so i appologise now, coz this is gonna be a long one. My DP and i live 3000+km from all our f...

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21 Years Today!

Today my DH and I have been married 21 years (] Woohooooo!!!

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Congratulations Shazz and Husband! 21 years is quite an effort! I hope you have many many more!


bridesmaid dresses

Hello, does anyone no of any cheap bridesmaids/cocktail dress shops in or around brizzy? thanks i...

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That is cheap! You'll be lucky if you get them for any cheaper.

yay one month to go!

how exciting!! i cant believe how quickly the time has gone!!

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LOL i should really get a move on then!!



Hi , I'm going to be a bridesmaid at my younger sisters wedding in March 2008. So far it's cost...

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Wow! I can't believe the expense of the bridesmaids! I got married the 6 October this year and had only one bridesmaid - my to be s...


suit for 2yr old boy

my MIL is re newing her wedding vows its nothing massive but she wants her grandkids as flowergir...

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If you have a Spurling down there, try them. We hired a suit for my 2 year old for our wedding. it cost $160 ish plus desposit but...


18 18 18 18

My olest is neary 18

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i was 18 3.5 years ago, wasnt that long



. [Edited on 28/09/2007]

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have you told them how you feel about wanting your dad to give you away etc, is there valid reason why they dont like him

5 pink & 1 blue

dcmeght chasing battynat

Hay Nat, Was trying to track you down. I wanted to tell you about the stuff for anniversary we go...

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He is 24th Sept!! turning three ticker is out dont know why as I put correct date in!? How are you? Oh and my computer is finall...


engagement! any ideas?

Hi guys! I am new on Huggies and so i thought id start off by telling some great news! My man f...

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Thanks for the ideas! there are heaps of places id love to get married at but im not sure if the budget will stretch that far!! no e...

5 pink & 1 blue

Invitation send out and response times

HI all, Just need some help have been looking on the web but............ Hubby and I are approach...

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Hi Bec, Thanks for that. Wespoke to some wedding planners in Perth and BF told us her brothers was around same as what we want. Tha...


Wedding dresses for pregnancy?

Can you get nice dresses for if you are pregnant on your wedding day? Hopefully i'll have baby #...

3 replies

Not sure what you are looking for or your price range but I was just looking for maternity clothes (can not find any to fit me in th...



Just thinking about what to do for my 30th. I had the restuant thing for my 18th. I had a fancy d...

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My SIL had a Masquerade Party(sp) you know where you dress up and wear masks. It was fun. You could incorporate that into a cocktai...

*Princess Ladybug*

just an idea

Hi I was just passing by and seen this thread so i thought ill give an idea to the beautiful brid...

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Thats a really beautiful idea. Can be made specially for them to keep after too. Most flowergirls don't remember much of being one s...


yea finnaly started..

to organize our wedding reception yeaaaa!!! it was exciting has put me back in the wedding mood, ...

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finally engaged but my family dosen't care

Hi I have been with my partener for 8 years and he proposed to me the other day but when i told ...

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When we told my FIL-to-be in laughed! Then said something along the lines of doing things backwards. It must be harder when it's you...


Any soon-to-be-brides want to chat?

... [Edited on 21/09/2007]

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wow our date is the 11th of october aswell:)


Wedding Planner

I want to become a wedding planner, i just love planning big events. Are there any mummys out the...

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sorry i cant help up, i think it would be a great job, im having enough trouble planning mine haha

amanda 1984


Hi my name is amanda and my DP and i have been engaged for just over a year and have finally deci...

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hey im so excited for u just pm me and we can swap details and talk weddings


present ideas for a friend

hi my best friends birthday is coming up and i want to get her something special only problem i d...

4 replies

hi ladies thanku for your suggestions greatly appreciated,i am going to give her a voucher for a massage and pedicure plus my daught...

so sad its MY BIRTHDAY!!

it's my birthday and how sad sitting on a computer all by myself!!!

4 replies

I know how you felt I felt the same on my birthday. Home alone all day and not even a phone call or email from any of my family or ...

Nic B

Reception Venue

We are planning to get married in April 08 and I am struggling to find to right reception venue. ...

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anyone used Perfect Reflections hair and make-up?

Im waiting for their phone call back but it seems like a good package. Just having so much troubl...

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Where are they based? I'm in Melbourne and looking for someone decent to do my hair & make up.


Wat was ur wedding day Like?

Hi guys, my name's Lizzie & I got married on the 17th March 2007. my wedding day was like this: ...

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Engagement party?

Congratulations!! I didn't have an engagement party and I don't regret it. We have lots of famil...

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We're having an egagment party next weekend! My family is putting it on. We are helping out with a few things but most of it is bein...


it's dh and my wedding anniversary tomorrow!!!!!

hi there, i thought i'd just write and say that tomorrow august 14th 2007 is dh and my 3rd year...

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mum of pufff

for those who are planning to get married

hi guys i thought some of you would like to know i found a great wedding forum

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hi kristy, thanks so much for the link, ive added it to my list lol. so when are you getting married? we getting married in October...


It's my birthday.

Hi guys It's my birthday today.... and I feel like crying. I always feel disappointed with my b...

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aaww you poor thing! Happy Birthday anyway - hope iot gets better for you. Why not make it an indulgent day about you, you you!!! M...


wedding present

oh... I like both ideas.. what a beautiful gift.

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How about getting it written by some one who does calligraphy and then framing it? But I think both of your ideas sound great.

Party Hire and Party Shop

Post deleted by administrator.

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Fathers Day

What do you have planned for the day? Any great present ideas out there? without spending tooooo ...

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havent planed a thing didnt realise it was so close, will have to do something special last year was DF first fathers day but hehad ...

mum of pufff

what do you think would you or have you done this

hi dp sister has invited us to her wedding *yay* my only problem is she doesnt want us to bring ...

80 replies

When we got married we planned to have no children. Call us selfish but we wanted it to be an adult affair, where people could let ...