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I was wondering if someone out there can help me.
I am organising my friend's hens night in Sydney for July 2008. There is heaps of time but I want to get some idea as it is school holidays and want to get it all organised and invites out early next year, especially for those who have to travel a long way to attend.
Now to the issue...
In coversation it was mentioned that she would like to do a salsa lesson. That sounds great to me, So I was thinking of doing a salsa lesson then have dinner maybe some challenges/ scavenger hunt, whatever.
The delema is that I live in Tasmania and have not had too much luck with google. Is there somewhere that combines dinner and Salsa lessons? What do you think of the idea? any variations (except pole dancing, not her thing!)
I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance and sorry for the essay!

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

Try contacting a dance school. Here are two Sydney schools that are involved in a regular dance night I use to attend in the ACT. and

They are not actually salsa but they might know of salsa lessons. Ballroom and jive are great dances too. I am bias though, it is how I met my DH.

Also try or

Good luck, dancing is so much fun. DH and I do salsa and latin as well as ballroom.

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Hi - I just organised a hens night 4 my best friend 2 weeks ago at La Cita in Sydney - it was great - we did Salsa Dancing lessons for about an hour ($210 for everyone - we had 27 girls) & then had dinner.
The restaurants website is - speak 2 Rebecca.
They have set menus but I suggest that u do what we did - get a copy of the normal menu & choose our own menu which included entree to share - nachos, Quesadillas, garlic bread then mains - which was a chicken dish, salad 2 share & fries 2 share.
What we did was worked out no. of people attending, then cost of food & salsa lessons - then added extra so we had left over money 2 put drinks on the table @ dinner.
Was a great night & everyone enjoyed it - great food & service.
Hope this helps

Bless your cotton socks sue! You rock!!!!!
I will look in to it, this is wxactly what I wanted.
Thank you thank you!

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

If you need topless waiting services at any event, I recommend Bow Tie Boys.

Could not have been happier with Bowtie Boys! Booked them for my friend's hen's party and they were fantastic. They served drinks and food and interacted with all the girls, joining in with the fun and games. Most importantly, they were really nice guys! All of the girls had an absolute ball with the Bowtie Boys. Highly recommend!

Link for their Packages

Instagram: _bowtieboys
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