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Wedding invitations? Lock Rss

I'm making my own and have no idea of the wording? The invites are from us not my family.

If you have any other ideas that might make the invites special or unique i'm open to suggestions...

AKA- 2_little_monkeys or 2 little angels

Hi there, if you go onto Google and type in "Wording for wedding invites" it will come up with a few sites, that will help you with your wording!! I did it with mine!! Good Luck!!

mama to 3 beautiful angels...

i was gonna say the same, look on goole, someone on here i cant remmeber who gave me the idea to have our son inviting people to our wedding, my fiance loves that idea
[qoute] have our son inviting people to our wedding,[/qoute]

OMG I love that idea! That's gorgeous! I will have to see what DF thinks of that.
I am also making my own. Fun fun fun!

I LOVE that idea!!!

I am sooo going to have my boys inviting our guests maybe we'll have a 3rd baby by then to do the inviting aswell.

Thanks, problem solved.

AKA- 2_little_monkeys or 2 little angels

Wow, that is an AWESOME idea! Shame my invites are already done, hmmmm maybe I'll have to divorce my DF once we are married, just so that I can use that idea and re-marry him again!! LOL

mama to 3 beautiful angels...

haha good one shatyr

i cant remember who game me the idea, but it was someone on huggies, i loved the idea to and so did my fiance, i have only made one dummy invite, still have till feb for our wedding, i am making me own too!!
If you are still wanting to do the invites from the two of you, which we did (got married 6th oct this year) we did, Dear......, mary and Ashleigh invite you to celebrate their marriage..........or something like that.....

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hi!! did you still need help with the wording cos i have a list of wording samples from the lady that made my invites. Let me know and i can forward it on smile
Hey not sure if this is still relevant

Another idead for wedding invites (something my BIL did and not necessarily cheap) is to buy bottles of wine, have stickers made up with their photo on the front and the "invite" on the back...

** RIP...Ash 27/6/1985 - 17/10/2009 **

Hello dear, Invitations are an important part of every wedding. They set the theme of what guests can expect during the ceremony and reception. If the invitations have a traditional flair, then the invitees know that they can expect a conventional celebration. On the other hand, when they open their envelope and find one of the most unusual wedding invitation designs they have ever seen, they will know immediately that there could be some pleasant surprises awaiting them on the day of the big event. A few months ago, one of my celebrity friends booked Laser Cut Wedding Invitation Card for his Wedding ceremony from, who offer the most absolute gorgeous, vintage-inspired wedding invitations around.
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