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I don't want a babyshower Lock Rss

My mother, sister and my mum's friend are all trying to push me in to having a baby shower when I've told them 100 times NO. I'm too busy at the moment. I have a friends birthday this week and my work dinner, then my son's birthday, then Christmas, new years, and giving birth in January. Not to mention about 20 doctors appointments in between. My son is still getting used to sleeping in his new bed and my partner is desperately looking for a job since we will be minimum 6 weeks without an income and no savings. Everything seems to be going wrong with our house at the moment and I'm finding myself physically unable to work. I am supposed to work till Christmas but will be finishing the 2nd instead because I literally cannot keep myself awake long enough to work a full 6 hours, it doesn't help that my medication makes me drowsy and my son wants to get up 5 times a night because he cant sleep or his teddy looked at him wrong. I don't have time for a baby shower, I barely have enough time for a regular shower. I'm stressing so much lately and I don't have time to add another problem to my list of stuff to worry about.
You may have to be firmer with them. Try explaining your situation and why you don't want to have one, (although you shouldn't have to) and just let them know you are greatful for them wanting to throw you one, but tell them it's too much on you. My sister in law wanted to throw me one too, but I wasn't too keen so we decided to go out for tea just the two of us to celebrate the pregnancy, rather than going through all the hype of a baby shower. It was nice and relaxing and the best thing about it was eating lol
Perhaps suggest a dinner at a restaurant or an rsl club instead? And only have your mum and sister there? Good luck, it worked well for us.

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