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Ok clever huggies Mummas: Hit me with your wedding savings ideas! Has anyone planned a wedding on a tight budget recently? Trying to see if we can afford to do it, keen to DIY save the dates, invitations, favours and anything else I can. Do you have any hints and tips of any kind about how to save $$? Any particular services you recommend? TIA! smile
We made our own invitations and thank you cards.
We had a friend who liked to take photos, so gave her $100 to do them for us.
A friend did my hair.
The ceremony and reception were both at my Dad's house. Reception was just a finger food lunch.
I got my dress off trademe for about $100 including postage. It needed slight alterations, but that only cost $40.
Our cake was jut a couple of Cheesecake Factory cakes on top of each other with a ribbon around them.

That's all I can think of for now. Good luck smile

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Planning mine right now, getting married in 9 weeks, buying beer and wine at supermarket on special over xmas and new year, food is a bbq at home and salads made night before, i printed invites and envelopes on printer at home using word, thank you cards will be the same, wedding dress made by local wedding dress maker $500 inc material.. Total wedding/honeymoon budget $7000 NZD. this doesnt include rings as we bought them over a year ago. Whole thing very casual for us and guests as it damn hot in the Bay of Plenty NZ in mid Jan especially at 32 weeks pregnant smile

Congrats on the wedding smile

We paid for a photographer coz a friend said they regretted not having professional ones done. I think that it was good advice. Although we only paid for 3 hours so got photos of before and during the ceremony and then an hour of photos before dinner. All the the photos of the reception are not professional. And we didn't do a video.

We did our own invites, no save the date cards.
We bought a cake from the bakery and a friend iced it for us so it was very simple and meant something.
We chose simple plain wedding bands.
We used an independent florist. She didn't have a shop but did things to order from her home. We used the same flowers for the ceremony as the reception, just moved the vases.
Table settings were floating candles and rose petals instead of then flowers.
We didn't have a DJ. We took a stereo up and played our own mixed playlist.
We didn't plan wedding favours but MIL organised that.
We had one person in our bridal party each.

The less guests you have the cheaper it will be.

You can limit the amount of alcohol you pay for and what the guests have to pay for. We had champagne while we were away at photos. And we paid for wine at the dinner but after that guests had to look after them selves. Looking back I don't know if it was a good idea. As the guests seemed to drink as much free as they could before they missed out. So some people had 2 or 3 glasses of champagne on the go. Which I thought was poor behavior.
Oh I just thought of another one. My bridesmaid just wore a dress that she already owned.

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Omit people from the guest list that you have second thoughts about. No point in regrets later. Save alot of wasted money tongue
Thank you ladies. Some great ideas there smile
Always on the lookout for more if anyone has any! Particularly WA recommendations of suppliers! Or good online deals smile
I knew I'd come to the right place for advice xxxxxx
In WA you are spoilt for choice in terms of venues. Just depends on your budget and guest list. You can negotiate venues based on min F&B spend and not incur hire fees or surcharges. It just all depends on the style of wedding you want and if your going to rely on friends and family or outsource to suppliers.
That's a good idea negotiating with the venue I've already asked about a non peak season rate from a few places. We are going to have it in a reception centre of some kind so will be restricted to having their food and drinks but wonder if I can negotiate cheaper rate for hire. It would be cheaper to Byo alcohol but then we'll need to organise everything and pay for hire of everything from tables to glasses so at this stage would prefer a venue.
If you want some help I've been a marketer for 20yrs and have managed events and conferences all over Aust and internationally. Ive been doing event planning from home the past 3 yrs while ive had my kids.

I know heaps of venues and suppliers. And have sampled food most venues from Margaret River, Perth, Freemantle, Up to Kimberly. PM me if you want a 2nd opinion on some of the venues youve short listed.

I LOVE Wedding planning. Ive done 8 of my girlfriends smile Occupational default I guess.
Oh that sounds lovely!!! Thank you little Diva! I'll send you a request smile
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