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A secret gift!! Lock Rss

My best friend wedding is next month and I would like to give him a unique gift but till now I am unable to find such a gift. I'm little confused since many days.
If anyone have a idea about it. Please come to know me as soon as possible. I would be thankful to you..
MiriB wrote:
I guess it's hard to recommend a unique gift for someone we don't know. I haven't been to many weddings lately where there have been gifts as they have requested money or gift vouchers. So I am out of practice at buying wedding presents.
What about some good quality or crystal Wine glasses and a bottle of wine to be opened on first anniversary?Assuming they like or drink wine.....
Beautiful photo album and frames
A piece of art or something decorative for the home

That's all I got. Good luck

Thanks a lot for giving me such an idea!! I think decorative things would be better what do you think!! smile smile

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