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Argh don't you hate the minimum number places. Look for RSL clubs, surf clubs etc. Even some churches have nice enough facilities to cater weddings.

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For 65 you should just be able to book out any smallish restaurant. You don't need a 200guest reception hall. I would look at restaurants in the area and ring and ask if they would host a wedding party.
A cousin of mine wanted to get married at a lookout. There was only a cafe there. They agreed to close for the day and host a cocktail reception for her. She decorated it and because of the location it was great!

Its not uncommon for people to travel between ceremony and reception. My friend was going to get marries 30minutes away from her reception venue and we had to go home in between. It rained tho so was all in town in the end.

maybe your DF should consider compromising if its too costly/difficult to find a reception venue nearby if you don't want people to travel too much. I wanted to get married at a park by the river, my DH on the beach, so we got married at a vineyard overlooking the beach, with beautiful grounds. Was just more practical for us too.

also, even tho you don't drink wine, don't assume others won't if offered it. We had a limited tab for beer and wine, all spirit's were cash only, wedding party drank for free.

your venue will need to fit your intended guests if they all came, but keep in mind a 100% attendance is unlikely. We invited 140 people and had 110 attend. If you find a perfect venue but its a lower guest capacity, don't be afraid to reduce how many people you invite. We had no +1s where we didn't know they had a partner or we hadn't met them.

keep looking, you have a while to find somewhere perfect smile

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