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as weird as it sounds, do you have a golf club near you? We had our wedding reception in the function room at our local golf club and it was 1/2 the price of any other place we looked at. Since it wasn't a traditional wedding reception location their charges were really reasonable. Might be something worth looking into. (They've since had at least 4 wedding receptions hosted there purely because of ours lol). They may also let you use part of the grounds for photos too, ours let us use the putting greens for photos.

Willa&Poppy'sMumma wrote:
Leisa, I was just about to suggest a golf club. Dh & I got married overseas and had a reception when we got back & it was at the golf club with 100 guests

lol. everyone thought we were weird to have our reception there but after the reception they were all commenting about what a great idea it had been. The meal was fantastic and the view out over the course was amazing. Since then my sister has had her reception there and 3 other guests who attended one of our weddings have had their receptions there too smile It isn't what you'd normally think of for a wedding reception venue but that is sometimes a good thing, tends to lower the cost a bit smile



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Sorry I haven't been on for a bit so congratulations Tori!!!
Anyways, so your partner wants it at a beach? Have you thought about having some Marquee's put up near the beach and having maybe a potluck (everyone bring a plate) kinda reception?
Or you could do small finger foods there on the beach.
That way you can have photo's done on the beach, no one has to travel and it keeps cost down.

Also have you checked out caterers that can come to you... these days they can host them anywhere grin

Bestv luck, Weddings are so much fun! grin

are there any surf clubs near the beach that your df wants to get married on? they sometimes have function rooms so might be a possibility.

I was going to suggest a surf club too.

We had our reception at a yacht club, not somewhere I would have thought I'd ever choose, but they were cheap and it was brilliant!
i know its so hard isnt it. my sister is getting married beginning of 2016 and she has decided the location of where she wants her wedding but we cant find an actual place to do it around there at all or if we find a nice place the closest place for guests to stay is like 20km away. she is being stubborn though and even though i have given her other options she doesnt want to change the location.

What about a local hall you could decorate yourself? You could hire caterers for the meal. We were lucky to have our wedding and reception at the same place, but people had to travel 3 hours to get there, but it was well worth it, it was at a place that is very special to both myself and DH, all guests stayed at the on site accommodation, and payed for that themselves, we paid for the reception dinner and breakfast the next day. We also provided some beer, wine and soft drink and made the rest BYO which everyone was happy to do, take your time do your research so you don't end up spending a fortune, it took two years to plan and budget for our wedding. I never paid full price for anything, I did DYI for as much as I could and most things were purchased online. It was the most perfect day and everyone had a wonderful time.
We had ours at a racing club smile

I had mine in an old barn. lol
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