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Fathers Day Rss

What will you be getting for your man?? I cant make up my mind about a couple of things..

New giant toolbox
home gym machine
new pc monitor
etc etc.. so what are you planning.
No idea yet. It's also our 3rd wedding anniversary that day.

Yeah 1st of september.. I know that he doesnt really need anything but i grew up with having to treat your parents on these kinda days. Even when i was 14 I got a job to pay for my mum to have some fake nails, a massage and a facial.. all up i must of spent about $250. So i think that my kids should spend more then that as there will be 3 of them..
Oh Jas didnt realize you where pregnant.. Congrats
I love the rolly pollys.. My nan had about 8 last time i heard from her.. Like 3 years ago.. They are so friendly and snuggly..

Mothers day for me was looking after both kids alone while hubby had a hangover! No pressie either so he gets nothing this yr.
Im not that vindictive. I have got a book for him from DS & DD for him to read to them...whenever they want him many time as they want...hehehehe!

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

haven't started thinking about it yet, but DH loves the idea of socks, jocks or pj's! He also loves something from the kids to take to work so that an easy one grin But from me im not 100% sure yet

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