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That all sounds good smile and congrats on getting married.

We were able to save money by asking our youth pastor to be our celebrant so if you know someone who does it...

My dad also grows flowers as his job so we saved heaps there and he was stoked that we used his flowers, he just sold them on the day after haha...

And some other ideas that we didn't do but I've heard of...

Ask for money towards the honey moon rather then presents

Ask every one to bring a plate of food instead of paying for caterers..

Good Luck for your big day!!!
We had our wedding and reception at my Dad's old place. So no venue fee.

The lady that married us is a family friend as was the person who did my hair. My step-mum did my make-up.

My step-mum gifted me my bouquet smile Otherwise I was going to have a fake flower arrangement made by a friend.

My bridesmaid just wore a dress that she already owned.

I got my dress off Trademe. Including alterations and postage it cost me $140 smile

I wore jewelry that I already owned.

Our photographer was a friend who we just gave $100.

My Dad paid for our catering, but he just payed one of their friends with a background in cooking to do it for us. We just had nibbles so it wasn't too expensive.

For the decorative flowers my dad was actually able to hire some rather than buy them.

Our music was just done on a Sonos. Which is kinda like an iPod that is connected to speakers throughout the house.

I think that's it....

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Our biggest cost was venue, food and booze. We wanted a sit down formal meal and then dancing, so we had to pay for that.

We had no DJ but borrowed a stereo and made our own mixed playlist. We had photographer for 3 hours only. We hired suits. Had plain wedding rings. Printed our own invites. Minimal flowers, we had tea light candles for the tables.

So for you maybe a local beach or council park/gardens for ceremony.
How many people will you invite? Coz hiring a club room for a large group.

Or invite everyone to the ceremony but no reception and just going to a restaurant for a meal for something with immediate family.
I made our own invites etc, my mum made bridesmaid dresses and altered my dress. We used friends cars. Also a.friend who is a chef did all the catering for $21 a head. I would say work out whats important, we saved on aome things so we could splurge on others, we has a live muso which was well worth the $

I made our own invites.
Mum made the bridesmaids dresses.
I didn't have flowers at all (no bouquets, no arrangements at the reception - we just had a few candles instead).
We only used my dad and brothers cars for the wedding cars (they weren't special ones).
We had the ceremony at my inlaws.
We mentioned in our invites that a voucher from our photographer would be good if they wanted to buy a present (so we could get copies and enlargements done).
We had a buffet dinner.
Used an ipod for our music instead of hiring a dj or band.
My jewelry was mums (helping with the "something old/borrowed" idea).
The bridesmaids and I did our own makeup (but got our hair done).
Mum made the ring cushion.

...I think that's it smile
We had our minister to do the wedding, and it was in our regular church so didn't pay for venue hire. We used the function hall at the church so that was super cheap. We had somebody we know do the catering for the luncheon, and then the dinner we had a cheap roast buffet catered, which only cost about $23 a head, and we had friends man the drinks bar.

Somebody we know did the flowers so we got it pretty cheap, I made all my own invites and table decorations etc, we hired a photographer who wasn't too expensive but gave us all the photos on disc so we didn't have to pay big bucks for printing each photo separately. We used FIL and uncles cars, hired the guys suits, had an iPod with music and I bought all the jewellery off eBay, it looked really good on the day, just tarnished really quickly after that, but since im never going to wear a tiara again, I don't care. I think jewellery and hair pieces for me and three bridesmaids would have cost about $60

Can't think of anything else really, but there are so so many ways to cut costs, all you need to decide is what you really really want, and what you can do without. Have fun planning, I loved it so much!

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