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Forgotten on Mother's Day? Rss

Kids, husband, partner, ex etc forgot you on Mother's Day? Or just had a rotten day by yourself or doing all of the work?

Me too! DD 2 yo and DS 10 months - so it was defs up to Dad to step up. Nothing! Just a "Ha! Happy Mother's Day" when I reminded him. I wanted to cry! We honestly have a normal family! We made Father's Day so special too, I had our 2yo practice saying Happy Father's Day for a week, I made special photos of the kids holding D-A-D painted letters, booked a FD lunch at the local cafe, let him sleep in for two hours, ordered some Molton Brown stuff for him, bought that "Dad" kids book, had heaps of artwork...

And I was up at 5am NZ time with our 10 month old - that's 3am Sydney time!

It makes me want to give back to any other mums out there who have been forgotten, seriously, pm your address and I will send you a lovely hand written card through the post. You don't deserve that, and I know you are doing a great job even if your family hasn't told you. Even though it was a couple of days ago I would like to spread some Mummy love!
poor darling feeling sorry for you .huggs and Happy Mothers day
Aw that sucks sad did you tell him how you felt? Hope he has made up for it by now! His father's day sounded so special- good on you. Let's hope he picks his act up. I wasn't spoilt for md this year either and was a tad.surprised as Dh is normally quite good sad ah well-being I had a good day with friends anyway grin

One day our kids will be old enough to make us feel special wub

I got a fight(long story) for my first mothers day. And this mothers day a chicken kebab a trip to the park (he went to sleep there and left me with it) and a promise of dinner. (which never happenend).

If you can be a PurpleUnicorn, Why not a RainbowDragon?

Aww i'm sending you a big hug!!!

My DF always make an effort but this year i got nothing! I'm not going to lie, i was devastated! Like you, i went all out last father's day and made him feel special but he seemed to pass on Mother's Day this year.
Oh rainbowdragon, I got a fight for my first one too! Apparently it was all my fault that I didn't remind him. Um excuse me, how can you miss the abundance of advertising! Second one, I was away in Melbourne seeing my sister and was told that he had a present for me when I got back. Got back home, that night asked oh where is my present, he just looked at me and went ummm. Told him a root doesn't count which is what he had intended! Third time round, I got a mixer and some cards so maybe things are on the improve.....we shall see. I've also always made his days special, would be nice to have it returned.
We dont do gifts for Mothers Day or Fathers Day apart from what the kids make. DH was working so the kids and I just bummed around all day and they behaved and I didnt have to tell them off which was the best present ever, lol. Hubby did make sure he rang to wish me a Happy Mothers Day though which was lovely.

Don't do a damn thing for his next special day. I know it's hard, but what goes around comes around. And the little ones are still young so won't get upset. That might show him how it feels. My ex-husband never did a damn thing for me, then got upset at me AFTER we split as I didn't do anything. Not my job anymore. I wish I had of had the ball to do it when we were still together.
What a sweet thing to offer. Like you my first Mother's Day was horrid and my second really not much better. Both I was up at the crack of dawn, both I was left with all the jobs. The first was particularly bad with hubby being a real a-hole and no card or gift from my son. I did get one from hubby but that was it along with a huge fight.

I think he realised he'd stuffed up when Father's Day rolled around and he got a handmade card from my son and like you 'special daddy' gifts.

This Mother's Day I got a card from my son (very sweet as it was a colour in one) but they didn't do it till 6pm ON Mother's Day and my little gift was a block of toblerone. Yippy NOT!

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