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DH's uncle is getting married next month, and we don't really know what to get him.
They have been together for a long time and have four children. So they are pretty set up.

We were thinking maybe a nice photo frame, but figure other people will have the same idea.

Any ideas around $50 - $75?

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Something engraved to mark the occasion would be nice
My grandparents gave us a vase which is quite nice. An Aunty gave us a nice painted outdoor pot. Maybe something along those lines?

We got an engraved barometer as one of our wedding gifts.

I like the idea of a vase or a beautiful frame they could put one of their photos in.

I don't know if you have Royal Doulton stores over there but we have one here, at Harbour Town (which is where they sell stuff cheaper) and there are some stunning Vera Wang frames for about $40 (reduced from over $100).

What about a voucher for Ikea or Bunnings, always come in handy.

A voucher for a nice restaurant maybe, so they can splurge on a night out?
At the time of our wedding we have registered with Our wishing well and it has made the task easier for us and our guest. If he has also registered with a wedding registry then try to find a gift from there. It will help you to get the thing of your choice and according to the budget. You can go to photo frames, glasswares, kitchen tools and bath towel set. I think they can go with your budget.
A great gift we got was a restaurant voucher for $80. So we can go out and enjoy a lovely dinner at a different restaurant, and think of the friends who gave it to us.

It was for a nice Italian restaurant and was amazing

I vote restaurant voucher. Once you are set up, you just don't need stuff for the sake of it.
either that or super cool brandy balloons. grin
One can also go for some nice home decoration stuff or wall hangings. Small Furniture is also welcomed by most of the wedded couple. Wall clocks, designer mirror, showpieces are also some nice gift options. I have also purchased a nice piano table for my niece last year by an online furniture store.
Something personalized is always lovely.I'm a big fan of picture frames, perhaps you could do some sort of collage & search for some ideas to make it unique smile
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