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Ideas for hens night Rss

I'm planning my own Hens party. Am wanting some ideas.

My 11 year old sister and my 17 year old SIL will be there the first half of the night, so I was thinking food, laughs, facials, drinks etc.

Then once the oldies and youngin's leave, what can we do??

I don't partically wanna go over board with strippers or anything lol Wanna have some clean fun

Thanks, Chels.

At my friend's hens night.We went pole was so much fun and not over board.It wasnt skanky or anything like that.
They served us champagne and taught us some moves.
How exciting! hens nights!

For mine, everyone went to my sisters house (young and old), and we had drinks, nibbles, games etc...then we had a party bus pick us up and take us younger ones out to a few of my favourite pubs smile the bus then dropped us off at the casino and we met up with the boys (hubby had his stag do the same night)...

We had an awesome night, and no strippers for me or dh wink

The bus was great fun so it wasn't boring driving in between the pubs, the driver was licenced so we could take our drinks on board and danced away to the music (it also had a stripper pole so we all had a laugh and had a swing!) smile

Only tip would be to call the pubs you plan on visiting in advance, as some don't like a group of crazy chicks rocking up and might refuse entry...but the ones that were fine about it gave us vip entry and free drinks etc so made it all nice and easy smile

Hope you have an awesome night!
I had a thread about this a little while and there were some good ideas. Here's a link

We ended up using a friends holiday house (nice bonus) and spent the day there playing games and eating and having a few drinks. We had a mobile pampering service come there and you could choose what you wanted ie massage, pedicure, facial etc. Then we went for dinner at a thai restaurant and played more games like dares etc. Some of us went back to the house and stayed there the night and kept drinking etc but most of us were just exhausted so it wasn't a crazy night.

We played the toilet paper wedding dress game, the quiz's how well does the bride know the groom and how well do you know the bride, one of the bridesmaid's husbands came and did a pretend strip which was hilarious, did dares at the dinner. I also made a pretty book and stuck random bits of advice and affirmations and funny 50's housewife pictures and got everyone to write to the bride with advice, best wishes etc. After the hens I got the photos from the day and stuck them in and gave it to the bride on the morning of her wedding day.

It was a fantastic day if I do say so myself, no strippers but still a bit silly and heaps of fun.
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