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hey girls, today i brought my wedding dress or should i say short white non bride looking dress. it looks elegance/french. im surprise i've chosen white. i saw my gf at the shops and mention i got a dress(shes my witness) she ask if i was having flowers? i said "no, too bride like" we been bbf since high school. its a very tiny gathering of me, my partner, my gf and her partner, who is now my partner's BBF (witness too), our DD and maybe their 2 DDs. wondering what you ladies did for your marriage registry?


We didn't do a registry marriage however it was just us and the kids, the celebrant and 3 witnesses (DH's best friend, my sister and my mum) at the celebrant's beautiful garden. I just had a nice dress and I opted for no flowers however she had flowers written into the ceremony so I got the feeling that most of the smaller weddings she does people still have flowers. It's all up to you at the end of the day, whatever feels right for you will be fine.

I thought i'd also mention that I have not once regretted not doing the big wedding. We had a great, stress free day and it didn't cost us a fortune smile
I havnt personaly been married in a registery but my sister was
for their witnesess there was our mum plus me and 2 other sisters and her DH's aunty and brother.. (his fam lives overseas)

anyways she had a very nice simple wedding dress and mum picked her a small bunch of flowers on the way lol so thats the only reason she had flowers..

there were around 5 other couples there and my sister was the only one in a wedding dress but most other brides had a few flowers..

was such a beautiful thing to watch! the room just looked like a small church inside..

congrats on your wedding by the way..

Mum of 3 girls, 1 boy, 1 angel, 1 on the way!

thank you crizzy. with DP working away random shifts fly in fly out. i know hes home during the Christmas holidays. were getting married on Christmas eve, i really like that date!

stress free day with the people that i care and love. we like to do thing the rebellious and nontraditional way wink


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