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Has anyone bought a wedding dress of ebay? Lock Rss

I'm bored while the little one sleeps (meanwhile the washing is staring at me lol)...and I am looking at wedding dresses on ebay...

There are TONS, lots of pre-owned obviously but also tons of the made to order ones from china etc...

Has anyone ever bought either? Did they look as good as the pictures?

DP would throw the computer away if he knew I was looking at dresses LOL

I bought the dress I'm wearing in my avatar (trash the dress pics) off Ebay but I saw it and recognised the shop it was at in the pictures so went in and asked about it! laugh
I tried it on in the shop and she offered to stop the auction if I paid a certain amount but I decided to try my luck and got it for $56! It was brand new and ticketed at $1400 grin
I wouldn't do the china dresses though I have heard people swear by them, I think it's nice to try dresses on.. it's half the fun!! smile
I've still got the trash the dress dress, I always say I'll put it back on Ebay but never get around to it.
yep. i bought 2 LOL. made to order from China. I couldnt decide which one I liked best and I figured with the price for 2, is still less than I would pay from a bridal store.

They were beautiful. Absolutely perfect. Looked just like the pictures and fitted like a glove. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to pick one to wear. I finally decided, and had soooooooo many comments on the day about the dress (no one knew it was only $200 and from China) and have just recently sold the other one on ebay.

I recommend it!

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Hey, We went to a wedding where the bride had ordered her dress from China. She got her Mum to take all the measurements and the dress came back almost perfect...Although I did think the Bust area was a little too big for her, but she did look AMAZING! (Oh and the dress wasn't something I would have chosen lol it was RED! lol) But the detail was spectacular! I guess if you order it now you have a while to get it altered if it isn't perfect??
My sister bought her wedding dress and bridesmaid's dresses off ebay, and they were exactly what was advertised, and she was really pleased with it all.

She has recommended it to other's as well and they have done it too!!!
My SIL ordered her wedding dress from China through ebay, and got a shock when she received it just before the wedding. It was different to the picture and she had to have emergency alterations done - though she looked gorgeous in it! The quality was poor and had stitching partially undone, etc, as well as the difference in design.

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Cleary your really got 'marriage' on the brain havent you grin lol
Saying that tho im thinking i might go have a peak on ebay now wink
it would cut so much cost and you could still have that beautiful princess dress...

There is one on there atm thats only on .99 with 18 minutes to go...its gorgeous, there are so many though I would have a hard time deciding...

Cleary your really got 'marriage' on the brain havent you grin lol
Saying that tho im thinking i might go have a peak on ebay now wink

bahahahah yep...

its because I just got asked to be a bridesmaid for a good friend of mine...

so I started by looking at the sites she gave me and then I got distracted LOL woops

My SIL got her dress off ebay, it was pre-owned. The seller lived locally (well I think 45min drive) so she was able to pick it up to save the postage.

She was very happy with it overall, she did need to get it altered a little but had a family member who took care of it for her.
I personally wouldn't do it but having said that, I can't really think of one reason why. I guess if it did go wrong, it's stress I could do without leading up to the big day.
My friend bought one of ebay recently.a brand new made too order dress.It was beautiful and just what she wanted without the expensive price tag.
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