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Who's given up smoking recently? Rss

I gave up (didn't quit) smoking on the 26th April for some unknown reason?

On ANZAC Day I drove to the local shop and drove through the carpark. There were heaps of parking spots, but I something inside my head just clicked and I found I really couldn't be bothered getting out of the car and getting the cigarette's, so I drove home knowing I had 3 left.

Since then I have broken down twice because I was drinking and we had tabacco still in the house

The great thing is when I go to the gym, I can do a huge cardio session without getting breathless which is fantastic cause I'm trying to lose weight, but now I'm getting asthma and on ventolin everyday which I can cope with.

Just wanting to know if there is anyone else out there who's giving up too.


Good on you for quitting! I know how hard it is, especially going cold turkey. I quit about 8 months ago and since then have had only one puff of a cig that did nothing for me! I was hypnotized for it and it worked amazingly well for me. Have you though about doing something like that or taking patches or gum?

Well done on getting this far and asking advice!

Thanks for the support. I thought about patches and gum, but I seem to be just coping with out them............. ATM anyway LOL.

I thought about hypnotherapy and I think if I can't get through this cold turkey, I'll see someone.
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