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Wedding causing family problems Rss

Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help me. My partner and I are supposed to be married in July, but my parents don't approve and refuse to speak to him. Our guest list was at 70, but today my mother quite frankly told me that she didn't want to be there and neither did the rest of the family. In fact I was told that the family is dreading July. His family have been very supportive and loving to me and I am actually able to say that I really like my mother in law. So what do I do? We were going to have a lovely big wedding, but today I started thinking that we could just have a small civil ceremony on the beach with only those people who are genuinely happy for us. The good news is that cuts the guest back to about 20, bad news none of my family will be there except our children. I am torn over this I love my parents, but I have an obligation to the family that live under my roof first. They are more than happy to be kept out of it. Please someone respond ASAP.

I would have a wedding with the people who are happy and supportive of you. Why pay for them to sit there and put your husband down (which is what you will be doing). its a tough call- i'm in the same boat.

I wish you all the best, and I hope your wedding day is perfect!

I would only invite those that are supporting you. Your family (partner and kids) are the important ones here. Have a fantastic day with them and think of all the money you can save and spend on your honeymoon (maybe even enough for a babysitter!)
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