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  5. how much did your wedding invites cost.....if you dont mind sharing that is :)

how much did your wedding invites cost.....if you dont mind sharing that is :) Lock Rss

The invites I fell in love with were going to cost $25 p/invite - I was shocked. I took a photo of them with my phone and made them myself. Its too long ago to recall how much they cost but my advice to you is if you have the time, find something you love and make it yourself. You save soooo much money.
Ours were pretty basic: bought 3 types of card, had a printing shop print the design we came up with (as our printer couldn't handle it), guillotined them ourselves and stuck them together. Went to a normal printing shop in the suburbs and they did the envelopes and place settings as well. As i said, pretty basic, but who wants to spend heaps of money on something that will be on the fridge for a while then in the bin! Better spent on an awesome honeymoon smile
It depends when and where you are inviting? And how many people are invited. So different locations cost different wedding costs.
Mine were $2.70 inc envelope. They were simple and beautiful. Highly recommend stationary online.

You can take a look at this store,, I think you would find best cards here.
Mine where around 3$ plus envelopes!
I made my own, spent about 40$ on all the invite stuff lol. For 50 people.
Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. And equally important are the invitations your guests will receive. You can choose from a beautiful variety of invitations on line. Look here for more information:
I got mine printed at cost me around $5 for the entire wedding invitation package which had the invitation, the envelope, reply card, wishing well & gift registry. The on-the-day stationery package was another $3 for the menu card, place card, order of service card too. Thought this was a great deal cos it was all in one theme and I could easily personalise the wording to fit my liking..we added pearl accents to add our own little touch too smile

If anyone would like invitations made for them free of charge - just cover the cost of printing/materials - please email me at I'm trying to build a portfolio of designs and I need to few guinea pigs to begin with!
I got mine from Light in the box online.nThey cost under $50 for about 100. They came blank and I just printed out the inside part. I didn't want to spend money on things which weren't real important to us, although they still looked really nice.
im in to the whole scrapbooking stuff so I made our invites altogether ours cost $77 for 70 invites
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