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how much did your wedding invites cost.....if you dont mind sharing that is :) Lock Rss

hello ladies, a friend of mine is planning her wedding and i have been talking with her and she told me that her invitations are gonna cost about $5.50 each. i thought this sounded a fair bit. is that the normal price range for them? as you can guess ive never been married so i have absolutely no idea i mean i know that weddings are expensive, but gee whiz how does anyone afford to get married these days??!! anyway i was interested in how much your invitations cost you. love it if you we willing to share

thanks heaps in advance,
Lol I cheated . I couldn't be bothered (more like didn't want the stress) so went to the stationary section of our local bookstore and brought 4 packs of 10 for $8-9 per pack. Had a friend who does calligraphy write them out for us and it was done! We are buying her a pressy to say thank you but all up (including stamps) we have spent no more than about $50.00 on them. Excluding friends thank you gift though, we're still frying to work out what to get her smile

They are going out this week. The manufacturer was john sands. Oh but for a different spin on manufactured ones you could get a nice photo of you and df printed to go on the inside of each one as these are card style invitations smile

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

my sister inlaw got quoted lots so she took me along, we watched the lady demostrate invites and picked the paper we like then I took them home, printed and folded/decorated them saving her loads of money. with the cut offs I made place cards and acceptances for her saving even more money

there are extremely nice ones on ebay if she is interested and they are really reasonable for the whole package, but yes up to $6 is reasonable if u are paying someone to make them, i lucked out and met someone on a forum who worked at an invitation company so she is making mine for me for free smile

I made my own for my wedding costing approx $7 each but they did have a diamonte buckle on front and various inserts in them. I have also just finished my sisters wedding invites including attachments (ie accomodation card, wishing well, rsvp and envelope) and they cost approx $4.50-$5.00 each with a bit of card left over to do her bon bons. So i'd say $5 per invite made would be cheap, as the time that goes into them is quite a fair bit. It also depends on what you want and what design i guess, and the types of paper and card involved.
I did my own wedding invitations so they cost about $1 each. If you do your own, go on ebay to look for paper and envelopes etc. Much cheaper than from specialty shops and th paper is the same...they just don't have to pay for rental on a shop. And the paper gets delivered!
I just ordered my invites for $6 an invite and that includes a pocket, invite, RSVP and envelope, printing (individualised) and individualised printed envelope also! It was an absolute bargain considering the amount that other places were asking.

I asked for samples and received them and that's how i decided. They look awesome and I didn't get stuck with the mess etc! smile
My wedding card is very expensive actually the designs we choose is printed from letterpress machine and has huge variety of styles and embossing.We used calligraphy to write matter in the card.These things makes it so much expensive.

wedding invitations
i made mine.... so they didn't cost me much at all, my mother worked in and art and craft factory and gave me the stuff they couldn't sell.
Fair enough my invited were all different but that saved me a bundle.

I made ours. I spent about 50 on the lot and that was place cards also. I used card and paper from a specialist stationary store, a glue gun to place the paua, and ribbon to secure the matching card envelope. Postage was additional and I placed the invite into plain paper envelopes for posting. I borrowed a guillotine from work but libraries have them also. Spotlight has a huge range. I got my resources from the drawing room in chch, nz
Mine were around 6 or 6.50 each I think, but exquisite...square pearlized card with a big pink peony on the front. I hand wrote the names with a fountain pen, which turned out to be immensely stressful - you really don't want to muck them up...though I think we ordered 110 so we'd have spares!

These were the ones I used...I wanted romantic smile
Mine were $12.50 each. That included the invite on seeded paper and the envelope, Names printed on the invite and the RSVP card and an addressed envelope.

I only needed 20 invites though. They were soooo pretty and they sprouted daisies if you plant them. smile

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