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Happy birthday, Possums!!! Rss

Have an awesome day smile))))

Lots of love, Joy and L xxoo
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Possums. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Love Elisa, Lachlan and Anastasia xx

Many Happy Happies!
Have a great birthday x
Happy birthday possums! Have a great day!!
Thank you for the birthday wishes, that's very lovely of you all.

I've had good and bad this morning, my order of wine was delivered this morning (woo hoo!lol) but my car wouldn't start so the kids and I are going to stay home and make cup cakes while the RACQ man puts in a new battery. Oh well.

Thanks again!

aw at least you get to eat cake!! Happy birthday lovely lady! Keep smiling!


Happy birthday Possums smile Hope you have a lovely day eating cake and drinking wine hehe
Happy Birthday Possum! Hope you have a wonderful day xoxoxoxox

Cheers Ness

happy birthday possums smile
hope you get spoilt rotten and your car gets sorted soon!
Happy Birthday Possums!!

Hope you have a fabulous day, and have fun with the baking! You'll have to sample some cakes, it's your birthday afterall so you do deserve it !
Hey Pos - prehaps it was all planned and your partner purposefully disabled your car so that you have to stay home and he will then pop out of nowhere with a fantastic pressie for ya!

Hrm, prob not but it's a nice thought! lol

Happy Birthday Possums! I hope you have a fantastic day and get some great pressies smile

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